Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The rest of the story

The results of Parker's heart cath were perfect! He is a text book candidate for the Fontan surgery (his third and hopefully final, major heart surgery)! We have mixed emotions....I am thrilled he is a candidate for this surgery (so many kids dont make it to this final step in the process) but I am so incredibly scared and sad that he has to go through this surgery.

It really is a praise that Parker's heart cath looked so good. He does still have a leaky tricuspid valve and we are waiting to hear from his surgeon to see if he will fix this during the surgery or if he will see how the surgery effects the valve (it could be better with the new circulation, could get worse or it could stay the same). His lung pressures are great, his heart function is what we expected and his pulmonary arteries are huge!! No fistulas were seen in the lungs, no collaterals had formed and the blood in his lungs is oxygenated at 100%!

As for the surgery....he is scheduled for a date in the middle of March (like 2 1/2 weeks!). I will give the exact date once I talk to the surgery department and get that last verification. oh dear!!