Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We are so blessed. Parker is out of the woods and we never had a really scary moment during this hospital stay. Everything really has gone "textbook", even the effusion was expected. I was reminded of how blessed Dennis and I are when I walked by our neighbors room and the nurse was in the bed with the one month old patient doing chest compressions. Parker and I were playing in the playroom as the bed rolled by with 15 people surrounding it and two people in the crib with her working hard to help her survive. Wow. It was very emotional. I can't say what the outcome was But I'm pretty sure it is grim. That family may have only had one month with their baby girl. I have been blessed with over 3 amazing years with mine, and thanks to ACH and Dr Imamura, I will get many more!

Today was another day of progress! Parker's chest tube has been clamped off since yesterday and his xray this morning showed no fluid! Woohoo! There is talk of taking it out tomorrow if the xray in the morning looks good. His INR was 2.2 this morning (in the range we want!) so we will also see how that is tomorrow. If all looks good and he continues to eat, we may get to go home as early as Friday!! I will keep you posted.


Lauren said...

Yea for a good report!!!! And the little baby getting the compressions--I could cry right now for a good couple of hours if I let myself. Every day with our kidlets is a blessing and a miracle.
That's so hard to remember when you all have the GI virus for a couple days. =( So, just know I didn't stop caring about Parker, I just stopped communicating with the outside world in all ways. Hopefully we are on our way back. Jonathan is scrubbing the toilets as we speak...