Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post op day #3

Today had been another good day. Parker was pretty grumpy and pitiful when we got here this morning. But he did sleep pretty good last night!
He didn't end up getting all of chest tubes taken out today. He got the mediastinal chest tube taken out but the two pleural tubes were still draining a little too much to remove. He also got his RA line taken out (an IV that goes directly into the right atrium of his heart). We should get the other two chest tubes out tomorrow (that is the plan at least).
Parker did play with a toy for the first time today! Aunt Diane gave him this toy and he played with it for a few minutes. Thanks di!

Today he was also being silly and we got a big smile and even some giggles!!

Parkers great grandma (mimi) made him some adorable hospital gowns! He got to wear one today for the first time. He chose the toy story gown.

He wore it while he was walking today. He only made it one lap today but he still did so great!
He also was able to sit in mommy's lap today!! Doesn't he look thrilled! Well, I was!!

We also had lots of visitors today! While Parker was taking a much needed nap this afternoon we went out to the courtyard with Danny and brittani to enjoy this gorgeous weather!!

This afternoon parker took about a 3 hour nap and Tonight He has eaten much better! I am so glad! He ate some heart healthy pizza, an apple and some baked tator tots. I didn't realize how bad Parker ate until we got the heart healthy menu he could chose from and nothing he wanted was on it!! Ha! Guess that will have to change...sorry Parker :)

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Lauren said...

The custom made hospital gowns are such a cute idea! What a sweet Mimi he has. =)