Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pre-Fontan Cath and keeping busy

Yesterday was Parker's heart cath to evaluate his heart function in preparation for his third open heart surgery (the Fontan). He couldnt have anything to eat after midnight and his procedure wasnt until 1:00 in the afternoon!! It was very interesting. Thank goodness for this toy....

Parker was super hyper all morning; I think he was trying to keep his mind off of being hungry. Everyone that came in the room kept saying that he will definitely need a "pre-med" before going back. So, at like 12:30 they gave him a pretty hefty dose of Versed (a sedation drug) and he was HILARIOUS!!!

He kept telling Buzz how much he loved him; this smile was glued on his face. Once they gave him the Versed we were told to keep him in the bed and watch him really close. It was so funny when he would try to hold his head up. I have a video but out of fear of people thinking Im a bad mom, Im not gonna post it! =)

He loved the ride to the cath lab. It was on the other side of the hospital, so it was a long ride. He would not lay back and just kept yelling "weeee" and saying "hi" to everyone he passed.
Dennis and I got to go into the cath lab until he was asleep but left before they put the breathing tube in. He loved the candy oxygen mask (they had to increase it three times before he got sleepy)! He was just so funny, it was such a fun hour before we had to say bye.

This is in the recovery room. After the procedure he had to lay flat and keep his legs straight for 3 hours (During the heart cath they go through an artery in his leg to look at his heart and laying flat will prevent bleeding). They told us he would probably sleep for a few hours after surgery because they gave him a bunch of extra sleepy medicine because they know keeping a 3 year old down is hard!! Well, he woke up like 5 minutes after he got to recovery! This kid does not respond to drugs!! After he woke up the nurse gave him some Morphine to help the pain and to hopefully get him to go back to sleep. It did the opposite!! He was upset, aggrevated, confused and just pitiful for the entire 3 hours!! (I will remember this bit of information about Morphine for the next time)! Dennis and i had to take turns holding his legs down, It was just NOT FUN!!

I didnt get a very clear picture of him in the wheelchair, but he was crying. He just wanted to walk so bad but we couldnt let him yet. He now has a big pressure dressing on his groin and a little dressing on his neck.
When we got home, he just wanted to eat spaghetti. Here you can kind of see the dressing on his neck. He keeps pointing to it and wants to show everyone his "boo-boo".

We got home about 6:30 and he went to bed around 7:30. He slept good all night, but woke up at 6:00 am crying that his "boo-boo" hurts and he was SOAKING wet (all the IV fluids). I gave him some Tylenol and changed him and his bed and he slept until 10:30 am. He is in the best mood today but is limping a little and is still a little unsteady from the anesthesia. We were told to limit his activity for 24 hours and try not to let him walk too too much. HAHAHA! Dennis and I decided to take him for a boat ride! It is entertaining and requires no walking!

Parker loved it!! AND he got a new Buzz Lightyear life jacket...he was thrilled!!

Oliver also swam for the first time!! So proud!
Overall, Parker has done so great and I am so proud of him! I will take the dressings off tonight and give him a good bath to get all the blue stuff (cleaning goo they put on him before the procedure) off of him.
Thanks for all the prayers!! I will update with other heart news tomorrow (what the cath showed and talks of surgery). Im sorry for all the "heart" talk but this is just my life right now =)


Carolina Carters said...

Poor guy! It looks like overall the day went very well! We had "issues" with morphine after Derrick's last surgery. He was a little too active when he woke up the next morning so they gave him a little extra and he was PARTYING in the ICU! Ha!

Praying you got great news from the cath and that the Fontan is a go!! Enjoy that sweet boy and all of the spunk he has! So fun!!

Sue said...

Not sure if you will remember me,I am Mandy Osborne's great aunt from Greenbrier...I am also a prayer warrior from carepages...I can't put Parker's name on carepages without permission...but I can tell them that he is a little boy that will be having the Fontan soon, God knows Parker, so many folks will be praying...A dear friend of mine from Katy, Texas, their youngest grandson just had the Fontan at Texas Children and he is doing good...He turned 5 just 4 days before his surgery...his Grammy said he is now pink...She will be praying for Parker..we wil pray till he is home and feeling good again..Will also be praying for you his parents.In Christian Love, Sue Williams
If there are any special prayer request please let me know so I can get it out to the prayer warriors if you would like...