Friday, August 29, 2008


We are so excited about football season and the first Razorback game this weekend!
Here is Parker modeling his new Razorback shirt. He looks like such a big boy today!

.....and look how good he is sitting up!!

Sitting up is such hard work!!

Parker gets tired when he has been sitting up for a while or if it is time for a nap. This is what he does to tell me he is tired....

He is VERY flexible!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Off to College

My sister goes to Hendrix and she moved into her dorm yesterday. The whole family went to Conway and helped Amy move all of her stuff to her room that is on the 3rd floor!!

Parker had lots of fun playing on Amy's bed!

Parker and my Dad are always so silly together!

Amy and Parker love each other. I know she will come home alot to visit her best friend!!

Meet the Eagles

Friday night my mom, Amy (my sister), Parker and I went to meet the Eagles at Arkansas Baptist. My sister, Kelsey, is a cheerleader this year. It is a time when all of the parents and student gather at the football field and they introduce all of the members of the fall sports teams. It was alot of fun to go to my old high school where I use to cheer. We sat through some sprinkles of rain and some lightning, but it was worth it--to be there for Kelsey!
That same night My Dad, Cory (my brother), and Dennis went to see my other brother, Justin, at meet the Bruins. He is a football player at Pulaski Academy. There events were on the same night at the same time. The girls went to Kelsey's and the boys went to Justin's!

Notice Parker's fan!! He was the only one not sweaty!

Kelsey in the girl on top of the stunt. They did really good!!

Parker had to wear his Eagles colors!! The highschool cheer team doesnt have their uniforms yet, so they had to wear a camp outfit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Really Good Day!!

We went to the Cardiologist today and everything went great!! He said that Parker looks really good. His color was really good, his heart sounded good, and he has gained 2 pounds since his last visit!! His O2 saturation was 86% (that is really good for Parker, last month it was 75%). He weighed 15 lbs 6 oz!! We dont have to go back for 3 months....i cant believe that Parker will be one year old when we go back.
So, I told Dr. Seib how good Parker was doing with his eating and taking his medications by mouth and he said he could get his g-tube taken out!! I couldnt believe what I was hearing. I have been praying for this day for almost 9 months! I know alot of babies have their g-tube much longer but I was so excited!!
This is Parker in the waiting room just relaxing

Dennis and I were so excited!!

Here is Parker after he got the g-tube out with his abdominal binder that he has to wear for 48 hours. It is so weird that his tummy is flat and nothing is sticking out!!
I kind of have mixed emotions. ....The g-tube was a part of our normal and now it isnt there. It is a happy day but strange at the same time.
I will never forget the day the doctor told me that Parker was going to get a g-tube. I was VERY upset. (my sweet baby was going to have a permanent tube in his stomach!!!) He was still on the ventilator from his heart surgery and they had never even tried to feed him by mouth. They wanted to do the surgery while he was still on the ventilator so they didnt have to put him back on it. They told us that 95% of babies with the heart problem Parker has end up getting a feeding tube at some point. After speaking with practically every Cardiologist and nurse and praying about it we decided to go ahead and let them put the g-tube in. It is the best decision we ever made! Parker had such a hard time eating at first. He would get sweaty after eating less than 1/4 of an ounce (5 cc's). He would have never gained any weight without it. It was a slow process with lots of frustration on my end. As I look back I see that I got a little too frustrated at time, but now it is all over. Parker eats 6-7 oz every feeding and eats baby food!! He is still really small for his age but he is gaining weight and that is all that matters. I know we will still have struggles but the majority of them are behind us for now.
I still cant believe it is gone!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Appointments Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is our first cardiology appointment in 2 1/2 months!! That is a really long time ,when we use to go every 2 weeks. I have been anxiously awaiting this appointment. I am nervous but at the same time I know that Parker is doing great. I hope that his echo is better than the last.

After his Cardiology appointment we go straight to the Surgery clinic and get his g-tube replaced with a new one. They are suppose to be changed out every 5 to 6 months. I am secretly hoping that Dr. Seib (our cardiologist) will say that when we go to the surgery clinich they can just take the g-tube out!! I wont get my hopes up, but that would be nice! I have even started giving Parker his medicine by mouth so that I can say that we dont use it AT ALL!

We have also been working really hard with Parker on his tummy time. He has started lifting his head up more and doesnt get tired as quickly. He will stay on his tummy for about 30-40 minutes now! By the end of that time he has pretty much fallen asleep or is sweating and crying from being so tired. This weekend when we were around Sydney (she is 3 weeks younger than Parker) I realized how far behing Parker is. I know that he has been in the hospital more than 3 months of his life but it still makes me sad because I know that he is at the age where he wants to explore and move around. I am going to start working with him ALOT and we are gonna learn to crawl!
I will update tomorrow about the appointments. Thanks for all the prayers!

Hanging out with the family!

Last night we went out to eat with my family. We always have so much fun and they love to make Parker laugh. This is Parker laughing at Aunt Amy.

Here are all the girls and Parker (Kelsey, Amy, Nanna, and Me)

We went shopping after dinner and this is Parker in the buggy. He doesnt look that happy because he was getting really tired. He started laying his head down on his fluffy buggy cover.

Relaxing weekend

This past weekend was very relaxing. I didnt work at the hospital this weekend and it was a nice break. On Friday we went out to eat with a couple of friends. I didnt get a picture, sorry! But of course I have some cute pictures of Parker from the weekend....

On Sunday we went over to Stephen and Sarah's house and they made us dinner. It was great to see them and Sydney!

Parker helped Daddy cut the grass

Parker can stand but cant crawl!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Boy

I went out to lunch with my parents this weekend and when they came to pick us up they had put a big boy car seat in their car. Parker LOVED being able to look outside!

Now we are going to have to get one! He had so much fun. He is growing up so fast!

Future Salesman

Parker was sitting in Daddy's chair and put his phone head set on. We start 'em early!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Funeral in Memphis

This past Friday we had to go to a funeral in Memphis for my Aunt's step-son. I didnt know him very well because they live in Memphis. My Aunt married his dad four years ago and we would seen him on Christmas and that was about it. It was very sad; I knew how sad my aunt was. She had lost her own son about 6 years ago. My aunt has been so supportive throughout my life. She has especially been there for Parker.
After the funeral we went back to my aunt's house and had lunch. I sat Parker on the couch to go get a plate of food and when I came back I this is what I found....

How cute is this!!! That is my grandfather. They were just talking to each other!

After all the events (funeral, grave side service) Parker was worn out. He has never fallen asleep on me before. There wasnt anywhere to lay him down so I just laid back. He fought it for a few minutes but then just fell asleep. It was so sweet! I loved every minute of it.

Scary Elmo

My mom got Parker this toy that he can sit in front of or lay under. Thy toy plays music and elmo dances, sings, and plays peek-a-boo. Well, when elmo disappeared and then popped up it scared Parker to death. I took a few pictures. The first one is him anticipating elmo and the second one is right after elmo popped up.

We will probably put this toy up for a while and try it again later. Hopefully he wont be scared of it forever!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Parker loves his "Da-Da"!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last night some of our best friends came over and brought their baby girl, Sydney. Sarah had Sydney three weeks after I had Parker. It was so fun being pregnant together and it is so much fun having our kids play together. Sydney is starting to crawl....i hope she can teach Parker a thing or two! Just look at Parker in these pictures sitting up like such a big boy!! This is the first time they have been together and actually played together. Well, pulled each other's hair and trying to steal toys from each was so cute!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, Parker had his swallow study this morning. He actually slept until 9:15 this morning so he didnt have to go too long without eating after he got up. He did not like the barium, so it was hard to get him to swallow alot. But he swallowed enough fot the radiologist to see.
Parker did not do so good. He didnt do terrible, but there will be no change on the amount of thickening we put in his bottle or any other liquids he drinks. When he had thin liquid some of it went into his airway. We even have to get nipples with smaller holes....this whole time he has almost had liquid going into his lungs (it would go in and then come out). This was not what I was hoping to hear. I was reminded when i was in the waiting room how lucky I am. There were so many kids in there way worse than Parker. I will gladly take a small swallowing problem. Anyways, we go back in 6 months to see how he is doing. I was a little discuraged this morning, but Parker is doing so great in every other aspect and I remembered how thankful I am. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!

This is my mom trying to keep Parker entertained before the swallow study......he is starving!!

Weekend update

Well, this weekend Dennis' parents came to visit Parker. They came on Saturday and we had to spend most of the time inside because it was 104 degrees outside.

Also, my family got home from their 3 week Meditarrean cruise on Sunday. They were so excited to see Parker and how big he has gotten.

me, my mom, and Parker

Friday, August 1, 2008

Prayers for study

Ever since Parker was born we have had to thicken any liquids he receives by mouth with rice cereal. We make it nectar consistency. It is great for the extra calories and it helps him swallow his formula easier. We had to start doing this because he would aspirate (go into his lungs) due to being on the ventilator and just being a heart baby.
Well, Monday morning Parker is having a swallow study done. This is where they feed him nonthickened liquid and watch him swallow it on x-ray. If he passes we wont have to thicken his formula or apple juice anymore. He will finally be able to use a sippy cup (you cant put thickened liquid in a sippy cup because it wont go through the valve). This is also one step closer to getting his g-tube taken out. He cant take his medications by mouth because they arent thickened so we have to use the g-tube for this (this is the only thing we have used it for in over 3 months!!) I remember the day he drank 2cc of formula....i was so excited!! I called my mom and my friends (of course they thought I was crazy and didnt understand). We have come a LONG way since they. This has been a long journey, but short compared to others.
When we have to go to the hospital and do things like this it reminds me that Parker is sick. Sometimes I forget because he seems so healthy. The g-tube and giving him 7 medications 3 times a day and him getting so tired from holding his head up all just seems so normal to me now. God has been so good to us...we are so lucky.
Please pray for Parker. The hardest part is going to be that he cant eat until after 10:30 that morning!! He is going to be starving! Thanks for all of your support!!