Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching's been a while!!

Well, we have been super busy this past week. Last weekend we flew to Chattanooga for the day for a family reunion. We had so much fun!! There were a few kids Parker's age and he just loved kissing all of the girls!!! Can you believe that I didnt get any pictures from the day!! I was so sad. I guess we will have to go back VERY soon!! Ok, I did take one picture....This is Parker and Dennis on the plane. Parker sat in Dennis' lap for like 30 minutes listening to his IPod!! In the picture you can see Parker concentrating while holding the ear piece up to his ear!

This week Parker also learned another new trick!! He can put his own shoes on! He has been trying to for a while but this week he was sitting on the floor trying and then before I knew it he was walking towards me with the shoes on....the correct feet and everything!!

Even though it was just his crocs....I was still impressed!
Later that night.....

One night this week we went to eat at Cracker Barrel with Steven, Sarah and Sydney. Just look at these two!! Parker LOVED the rocking chairs!

Of course, I have to had a silly picture for absolutely no reason!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

20 Months Old!!!

20 months ago.....

I cant believe that Parker is getting so close to being 2 years old!!! But he sure is starting to act like it!! The terrible 2's are definitely upon us!!
I guess it is almost time to stop saying his age in months and start saying his age in years!! I just cant believe it!! 20 months just sounds SOO old!!
Me and my cutie!!
Just look how good his hair looks first thing in the morning!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our busy weekend and Parker's new trick!!

On Thursday, Brittani and Danny increased the size of their family!! The new member of the Seller's family is a beagle named Izzy!!

Isn't she SOOO cute!! Just look at those ears!!

Parker got to meet Izzy on Friday night. He loved kissing her, of course!! He did pretty good with her, we had to remind him to be gentle a few times!
Later that night, Parker had a blast in the Home Depot shopping cart!!!

On Saturday morning we went to my grandparent's lake house in Hot Springs to see my grandmother's brother. He was in town from Texas. He is my mom's uncle Johnny. I didnt manage to get a picture with him but here is Parker is Gran's lap.

They have a little Yorkie named Heidi! Parker just loves all the puppies!

On Saturday afternoon we went from Hot Springs straight to a friends wedding. The reception was at the Clinton Library. It was a beautiful place. There was a tour of the library in between the wedding and reception. I though it was a neat and different idea for a wedding.

My brother, Cory, sang at the reception for Erin and Dustin's first dance.
Parker loved playing in the fountain in front of the library
The weather was AMAZING this weekend!! It never got above 85 and there was hardly any humidity! So nice for Parker! After church on Sunday we went over to my parent's house to have lunch and hang out by the pool. Parker got to wear his new life jacket thing. It fits him so well. He is just too tiny for normal life jackets and he doesnt like baby rings.

We have had a hard time with Parker and the water this summer! He has slowly gotten better but he just does not like the pool!
Well, Parker surprised everyone while in the pool this weekend! He blew bubbles in the water! He has never even gotten his face close to the water, but for some reason he felt comfortable and loved it!! I didnt try to take it any further than a few step at a time! I got a few seconds of it on video. You can see how proud he was of himself!
Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our week: shower, birthday, and wonderplace!

Last Saturday, Parker and I, went to a wedding shower for Dennis' niece, Tabitha (I guess I would call her my niece-in-law???). Her fiance' (John) is from Minnesota, so that is where she lives now. It was really great for her to be in town and most of the family to be together. It was also great to meet John!

(please excuse my slumping in this picture!)
Parker got to hang out with his cousin, Jett. He just wanted to kiss him!! We are trying to teach him that he doesnt have to kiss EVERYONE!
Here is Dennis' mom (Granny) and Parker. Parker just loved that guacamole!!

After the shower, we went straight to Emilee's first birthday party. It was at the Little Gym. Parker went crazy!! He was the wildest kid at the party! Parents were looking at Dennis and I and saying, "wow, yall have your hands full!!" He doesnt normally act like that, I think he was just in heaven with all of the fun stuff to play on!!

Here is Emilee with all of her presents. Parker gave her plenty of birthday kisses!! Her daddy didnt like that too much!!!

Yesterday, Parker went to the Wonderplace with Sydney and Whitney. This was our first time there and Parker LOVED it!! It is a big place with TONS of stuff for kids to play with. Parker couldnt decide what he wanted to play with. He kept running from thing to thing. I think he was a little overwhelmed with how many fun things there were to do. Here are a few pictures from our day.....
Parker at the water table
Here is Parker in the mirrored tunnel with blocks!

Here is Sydney playing in the ice cream shop....I couldnt ever get a picture with any of the kids together, they were ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

Parker in the kitchen
We also saw someone that I know, and her daughter's name is Parker!! She just got glasses two days ago and I was amazed at how well she kept them on (she is 19 months old).

Parker, kissing himself in the mirror!! This boy loves him some kisses!!!
We have had a busy week but really fun!! We have a few things going on this weekend too.
Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately! I am still trying to catch up from being gone for two weeks!!
Hope yall have a great weekend!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back from Hawaii

We got back from our vacation this past Sunday. Last Thursday we left Hawaii and stayed in L.A. for a couple of days. Dennis and my dad met us out there. It was so nice to spend a couple of days with Dennis in LA. We love going to LA and just walking around The Grove, it is the neatest place! Here are some pictures of us at the Grove on 4th of July (do yall like my red, white and blue necklace!!??)

I just love Parker red, white and blue plaid shorts!!!

This statue of Marilyn Monroe is at the front door of our hotel. We set Parker down to get a picture and he looked up her dress!!!!

Also, here a few more pictures from the last couple of days in Hawaii.....

At the beach....

We went to a hula show at the local mall.
Parker just loved he is just clapping away!

On our trip I bought Parker and Sydney Hawaiian clothes.
Here is Parker in his matching shirt and shorts!

Here is Sydney, her daddy thought it was a little too revealing.
Well, our trip is over and we had so much fun, and mostly relaxed!! This week has been spent catching up at work and at home. We have a busy weekend so I'm sure I will have lots to post about on Monday! Have a great weekend!