Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update #3

Parker has been out of surgery for a few hours. They started him a fentanyl drip (continuous pain medication in his iv) because he has been hurting.

His nasal cannula (oxygen) is bothering him the most! He will not leave it in his nose. He also wants something to drink so bad. He keeps asking for milk, apple juice, chicken and French fries. Poor thing. He is loving the mouth swabs and sucks them dry!

Right now we are in the waiting room because his heart rate was increasing and nurse wanted him to have less stimulation. They did an EKG to look at his heart rhythm and it was normal, so that is a praise! They decided to start a Precidex drip to help relax him. He is also on Dopamine for his blood pressure. Right now he is resting comfortably and watching toy story 3! Such an amazing little guy :)
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cici said...

Bless his heart

The Simmons Family said...

Our prayers are with you all tonight. I just checked in for the day and he's already done and extubated!! What a little rockstar!

Susie and Trent said...

Checking in here too, and praying for Parker and all you guys! He looks so great already! I can't believe he's extubated too- so, so great!

Katie said...

He really seems to be doing amazing! It's incredible :) Praying for your sweet boy!!!

'The H Family' said...

Praying for you guys!! Y'all are amazing parents and he is a blessed little boy to have you by his side and continuously praying for him!! What a sweet sweet boy!!!