Thursday, March 17, 2011

Surgery Day

Yesterday was a long day of pre-op testing at ACH. It was also my birthday! We went out to dinner with my family. It wasn't my ideal way to spend my birthday but at least I got to spend the entire day with my two favorite guy!

This morning we got to the hospital at 5:00.

We spent the morning playing.

Parker kept showing us his "mr pump". He kept telling us that the doctors are going to fix his "mr pump"!!

He also made a fort!

We got him a brand new buzz lightyear for his hospital stay. He needed a new clean smaller one. He LOVED it!!
They came and got him at 7:15. He did get some "happy" medicine so he was happy to go with the nurse, he just loved riding on the bed!
Dennis and I are doing good....we have lots of family and friends keeping us company. I will definitely keep the blog updated today.
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