Thursday, July 31, 2008

new chair

So, Parker still cant sit up by himself that great or for that long. Dennis and I were sick of lugging his car seat into restaraunts and he cant sit in those wooden highchairs very well either (he falls forward). So, we got him a high chair that we can bring to the restaraunts. He can sit up in it and hopefully it will build up his strength and he will learn to sit up. It is so much easier and he is happy because he wants to be able to see everything. Hopefully this will help in his development too. I am trying everything I can think of to keep him sitting up or on his tummy most of the time. Those are his worst areas. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You will never belive this....

Yesterday I was working from home because my office was being wallpapered (another story). I heard a noise outside so I want to the window in our kitchen and there was a guy hooking up to my husband's trailor (by the way...He had bought the trailor last weekend, it didnt even have tags on it yet). I called Dennis to ask if he was letting someone borrow his trailor and he said no. I told him that someone was hooking up to it. First, I looked at the liscense plate and then I ran outside. As i got outside he jumped in his truck and squeeled off with our trailor. I started yelling and running down the road after him...Well, there went our brand new trailor. We got a really big, heavy duty one so that Dennis could haul a truck on it.

So, the police came and we filed a report. I had the plate number but it didnt match the kind of car the guy was driving. The police told us that we probably would never see that trailor again.

Dennis was so mad and sad that his new trailor was gone and I was scared that a man came to our house and I saw him stealing something that was ours.!!! So, I told Dennis that we should go get something to eat. As we left we decided to go drive around to see if we could find that car. We drove by this church and I saw something hidden in the trees. We went up to it and IT WAS OUR TRAILOR!!! I guess the guy got scared because I had seen him. He probably ditched it and was going to come back for it later! We called the police and told them that we found it and nevermind. Dennis was so happy!! I still cant believe it!!

8 month check-up and 6 month shots

Parker had his check-up at the pediatrician yesterday. She said that everything looks good. Last visit she said that she might want Parker to start occupational therapy, but we could wait until our next visit and see how he is developing. Well...she said that he is developing a little behind but fast enough and he doesnt need to go to therapy, at least not yet!!

Here he is all naked waiting for the doctor to come in...

He is such a happy baby....until he got his shots....

This is Parker recovering. He was such a big boy!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I cant Believe it....8 MONTHS!!

I cant believe that my sweet little Parker is 8 months old today. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with him. Then again, it seems like he has always been here. I cant imagine my life without him. Parker has taught me so many things: Patience (that's a big one!), Gratefulness, Happiness, I am much stonger than I thought, unconditional love, and I could go on and on. No matter what mood I am in or how frustrated I get I know that no matter what.... Parker's smile will always make me happy!!

Parker is such an amazing baby and I learn from him everyday. God has blessed our family with such a sweet and wonderful addition. I cant wait to learn more and watch my sweet boy grow. By the way...Parker finally made it to 15 lbs!!! It seems like he was at 10lbs for forever. He has just started growing so fast!! I couldnt ask for a better baby. He has slept through the night since he was about 3 months old. He goes to be at 8:30 pm and gets up at 8:00 am on weekdays and 9:00 am on weekends. He is finally eating really good and I am so proud of him. He is going to be sitting up soon....I can just feel it!!
Here are just some cute pictures of my little man....

Toys, toys everywhere!

Parker got a new toy this week and mommy got to put it together!! It was HARD!! It was worth it because he loves it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This weekend we went out for pizza with danny and Brittani. I dont know why Parker's cheeks are so red in these pictures!

Parker sitting in the booth beside daddy like a big boy!

Parker was very interested in the baby sitting in the very next booth!

Such a big boy!!!

Today Parker held his bottle all by himself for the first time. He held it until about half way through. He got tired and couldnt hold it up enough to get the milk. He is growing up so fast--He's not gonna need me much longer!!

Broken Down

Last week I got a flat on my car (My brand new car that Dennis gave me for my birthday in March). The tire is ruined and we had to order a new tire. Well, the tire finally came in and we had to put the spare tire on the car to get it to the dealership. It looked so hilarious, I had to put a picture of the car with the ORANGE spare tire!!

Dennis driving to the dealership
Look how skinny it is!! (it is the right tire)


Well, Dennis has been working with Parker so hard to say "da-da" and Parker finally said it. He says it all the time! Now, I have to start working with him to say "ma-ma"! I am so proud of him!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from the honeymoon

Well, our best friends are back from their honeymoon. They went to Cancun, Mexico!! Dont they look tan? They got home last night and their first stop was our house! Parker loves it when Danny and Brittani come over. They said that Parker has gotten bigger since Saturday! I believe it with all of that baby food he is eating these days!!

Parker was all ready for bed when they came over.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, this week we started Parker on baby food....he is a little late starting this too, but I am so proud of him. He got off to a rocky start, but today he just took off and is loving it! He ate half a jar at breakfast and at lunch he ate the rest of the jar and still wanted more!! Just think, a few months ago we were told he may not eat anything by mouth for a couple of years. Look how far he has come and I couldnt be prouder!

Family and Friends

Not much has happened this week. My family left on Monday for a two week cruise in Europe (yes, I am jealous!). They want me to keep new pictures of Parker on the blog because they are going to miss him!

Last night Parker and I went to dinner with an old friend, Lauren Kelley. We have known each other our whole lives. She is 20 weeks pregnant and is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Lauren had some troubles getting pregnant and has had some major issues with being sick this pregnancy. She is hanging in there and is so thankful for the blessing she will soon have. I didnt get a picture with her because I was too busy catching up!

Im sure I will post more pics today.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding fun!

My best friend was married this past Saturday. The weekend was filled with fun wedding festivities. It was so much fun for all of our friends to hang out all weekend!

Rehearsal dinner

Before the wedding, and before we were all pretty!

Dennis and I were both in the wedding!

At the reception

this is what Parker did most of the reception, he was such a great baby!

Danny and Brittani are now in Mexico having so much fun, Im sure!!

Parker and the fam

Parker has had a lot of visitors this past week!...

These are my two sisters, Amy and Kelsey,
Parker LOVES them!!

This is my sweet friend, Ashley.

Also, Parker rolled over for the first time while we were gone on our vacation. He finally rolled over for me!! He is a little behind because of his surgeries, but he finally did it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jackson Hole!!

As many of you know Dennis and I along with our friends Stephen and Sarah are on a vacation in Jackson Hole, WY. We arrived on Saturday and will be leaving this coming Saturday. Monday we went white water rafting (most of the pictures were taken on a water-proof camera). When we arrived they said that because the water is so cold (40 degrees!!) we would have to wear wet suits! We looked so good in them! They also said that the river is at it's highest in 12 years and it is really dangerous. That made the trip so much fun!! Look at our pictures! We are on the very front row!

Me and Sarah before we left

Me and Dennis in our wetsuits!
How embarrassing!!

This is the view from around our hotel!

Today we went to Yellowstone National Park. Look at all of the wildlife and beautiful scenery!

Me and Sarah on the way to yellowstone
Old Faithful

we saw a moose!!!