Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A little Makeover

I am so excited about my new blog background!! I thought I needed a little makeover. Of course I cant post without putting a picture of Parker. He has this new fascnation with putting things on his head and watching them fall.!!

And of course, Parker loves his daddy!!!

Christmas fun

I am posting about Christmas kind of late, but I have been so busy at work. I am finally caught up from missing work over Thanksgiving week, YAY!!!

This Christmas was amazing. I was very emotional because I was so happy that my whole family was together on Christmas. Last year we spent Christmas at the hospital with Parker. Dennis would leave to go see his family and I would leave to go see mine. But this year we were all together the entire time!!

I think Parker's favorite part of Christmas was playing in the paper!
I had to take a picture of Parker in his santa bib.

These are all the grandkids on my mom's side of the family.
My family
He was so happy on Christmas morning..
Worn out from all the fun with family.
His new favorite toy!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! Cant wait to see what the new year has in store!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful week filled with family, love, and togetherness! Everyone that is traveling; please be safe!
I probably wont blog much this week because I will be spending time my family and celebrating the birth of my Savior!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Beautiful Family!

This fall I made my whole family take a professional picture together! I have two brother and two sisters, there are five kids in all and I am the oldest. We have not had a family picture in YEARS!! I think they turned out so great!

The boys!

The girls

The grandparents!

Just wanted to show yall my beautiful family!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miracles do happen

I have done really bad the past few weeks when it comes to blogging. I am still trying to catch up at work from going out of town over Thanksgiving. Maybe I can be caught up by Christmas!

This past weekend some of my family went to the Miracle Ball, it is a fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital. You all know how special ACH is to my heart! It was a wonderful evening and tons of money was raised. All of the auction items me and my mom donated went for a lot! Dennis won a duck hunting trip in the silent auction...he is so excited. Parker was recognized and his picture was put up on the big screen. We all had so much fun. I wanted to say a BIG thank you to Danny and Brittani for babysitting Parker.
Here we are before we left...
This is us, my sister and brother and their "friends" that they brought to the event.
Me and Dennis before we left. I think it is so much fun to dress up. I wish you could see my dress better in these pictures...it was so pretty!

Friday, December 12, 2008


....Well, not really walking by himself. A few weeks ago Parker's physical therapist let us bring a new contraption home. It is a walker without the seat. It kinda looks scary. HE has been practicing. Up until this week he couldnt make it very far. He would get so tired and wasnt very coordinated. This week he has started doing soo good. He is getting all around the office! He is still working on walking around things, like holding onto the coffee table and walking around it while holding it. Here is a video of Parker walking in his contraption.

Also, we started Parker on Pediasure yesterday and he loves it. The nutritionist at ACH suggested we try it since the doctor is worried about his weight gain. It has 30 calories per oz. so, we replaced formula with pedisure. I hope it helps him gain weight.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A new arrival

Last week one of my best friends had her first baby! He is such a miracle! Lauren and I have been friends since Kindergarten and no matter what I am sure we will always be a part of each other's lives. Last night me and a friend took Lauren and her family dinner. It was so great to meet little Spencer and Lauren looked great! Spencer was so tiny and so good. He slept the entire time we were there. It's hard to believe that Parker was ever that small..even smaller!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas tree farm and parties

We had a very busy weekend! On Saturday we went to Sydney's first birthday party. Sydney's mom and I were pregnant at the same time, Parker and Sydney are 2 1/2 weeks apart and are best buddies.

Here are Parker and Sydney playing in the bubbles from the bubble machine.

Parker was exhausted after the party! This is him on the way home.

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree. I have always done this with my family and I am so excited to start this tradition with Parker. THis was his first year to go because last year he was in the hospital.

You get to ride a wagon out to the trees. It is part of the whole experience!

Parker helped daddy cut down the tree.

Check out Parker's huge mittens!
On Sunday night Dennis and I went to our company Christmas party. My sister, Amy, kept Parker. It was fun to dress up, we never get to do that!

Wonderful Blogger!

Over the past year I have been helping to plan the Miracle Ball. It is a fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital that the Auxilary puts on every year. I have been a member of the auxilary for a couple of years because ACH has always been close to my heart, but over the last year it has become especially close to my family because of Parker. I am a member of the auction commitee. We get together items for the silent and live auction. Well, I have met a wonderful blogger, Kim, who is an amazing artist. She agreed to donate a gift card for a personalized painting. She also made me a small painting for Parker so that I can display her work at the auction (so people can see how cute her art is!). She is such a wonderful lady and I am so grateful to her for believing in and contributing to a cause that is so close to my heart! Thanks KIM!!! Here are some pictures that she posted on her blog. I should get the painting in the next couple of days.

These coordinate with Parker's bedding!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just some catching up...

Well, I never got to show yall the cakes I made for Parker's birthday party. It was my first cake decorating experience. My mom use to make and decorate all of our birthday cakes, so I wanted to do the same thing. She taught me all of her secrets!

I have better pictures of them , but I cant seem to find them. The monkey looks kinda deformed in this picture but it was perfectly semetrical!! We made a lion, giraffe, and monkey. The party was animal themed!
I also said I would put a picture of our Christmas card on here. Well, I do not know how to work scanners so I just took a picture of it. It didnt turn out that great, but you can kind of get the idea. It is all black and white except for Parker's shirt and scarf...

Last night we went to see my sister, Amy, cheer at one of her first basketball games. She cheers at Hendrix and we are so proud of her!
This is my mom, Amy, and me.

One year appoinment and pictures!

Parker had his one year pediatrician appointment yesterday. He got all of his shots and his second flu shot....it was not a fun time! He weighs 17.1 pounds. Since his 9 month checkup he has fallen off the growth curve even more in all aspects (weight, height...). His doctor was kind of worried about him but we think it is just because he is so mobile now. He is so busy all time, now that he can get around!! I am suppose to talk to his dietician today and we are going to work on a one year old's meal plan with a few extra calories. Another thing that is frustrating me is that I CANNOT get Parker to drink from a sippie cup for the life of me. I think he is going to be the oldest kid still on the bottle! If any of you moms have some tricks for me...PLEASE, I would love to hear them! I will let you know how the consult goes with the dietician.
Anyways, I got the proofs back from Parker's one year pictures. Go here and please look at my precious baby! They will only be available to look at until Monday, Dec 8th. I am going to have such a hard time deciding. Also, I got my Christmas cards in. I guess I should take a picture of them and put it on here because they are so sweet! I will do that on the next post. Well, I need to get back to work...i am so behind since we went out of town last week. Oh yeah, I need to put some pictures from that trip on here too! Wow, I have alot to do. Soon to come!