Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fishin' at the creek

This week Parker is learning the letter "F" and the school organized a day for the K-3 class to go Fishin' at the creek. Fishing and fish for the letter "F". All of the parents were invited and it was so neat to see Parker in his school element. The kids walked outside in a line with the their finger over their mouth, so disciplined!

The kids were so good sitting on the blankets listening to the teachers.

There was facepainting! Parker's favorite teacher (besides his own) painted a football on his face and he was so proud!

There was side walk chalk. It was so funny, all the kids laid down on the parking lot and had their parents trace them.

It looked so funny with the body tracings all over the parking lot.

There were also bubbles!

....And horshoes!

And then they "fished". It was actually the teachers behind a table putting bags of candy on the hook. But the kids LOVED it!!

I feel sorry for the teachers after the kids ate all that candy =)

Then, we finished the morning with a picnic lunch. Parker was so excited that we were there!

This is his little group of friends...arent they so cute!!

It is still so hard to believe that Parker is in real school! He is learning so much and LOVES his school, friends and teacher!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy birthday Mallory!!

Today is sweet Mallory's 2nd birthday!!

This past weekend was Mallory's Minnie Mouse themed birthday.

Parker and Mallory, of course, had a blast together!!

The party was at the church and the kids had so much fun in the indoor playground, bounce house and just running crazy in the gym.

Parker got a little rough with Mallory in the ball pit. He was treating her like one of the guys!

Parker stole on of Mallory's presents and went to town. Good thing she was willing to share that morning.

She got LOTS of fun presents!!

Parker did stop moving the entire two hours and got so sweaty!!!

I cant believe how big she is! Mallory is such a blessing. She is the sweetest, happiest little toddler!! Thanks for such a fun bday party!!

Diane (Mallory's mommy), me and Brittani. love these girls!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend with friends

This weekend we went to the lake with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney. The weather was not warm enough to do the normal lake activities but we made the best of it.

We took the kids to ride go karts for the first time! and Sydney and Parker were in Heaven!!
Of course, Daddy and Parker won!

On our way back to the house we saw a big festival and the kids had to stop!
There was a fire truck, bounce houses, face painting, games and more games!!

After naptime, the weather warmed up and we took a boat ride!
The boat ride was fun but there were fire ants and tics on the boat (not sure why or how tics got on the boat). I had 10 tics on me that night!! SOOO GROSS!! Parker only had one on him but still....GROSS!!

I love this picture, It is for sure a picture to print and save for when these two are teenagers!!

We also watched the Razorback game (we wont talk about how horrible that game was, even though we won). It was great to spend some time with great friends!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun fall weekend

Last week a water pipe burst at Parker's school and I had to stop everything and go pick him up early from school. I was frustrated at the time but we had such a fun afternoon. We got a strawberry milkshake and french fries for a snack and Diane and Mallory met us at the park!

This weekend we tailgated all day on the golf course at War Memorial Stadium and then went to the Razorback game. It was such a fun day!! And this is the only picture I took!

The stadium was so cool! Every section was assigned a color of shirt to wear to make an American Flag that wrapped the stadium (the student section wore blue shirts). It was such a neat September 11th tribute.

Parker stayed with Dennis' parents all weekend and was spoiled like crazy! =)

They went to the park and Parker got to ride in a firetruck!! He could not stop talking about it when he got home

He even got to spray the water hose!

AND! My little brother scored a touchdown in his football game on Friday night. SOO PROUD!

I love these fall weekends! The weather is still pretty warm but it is getting cool at night and it just makes me so happy! I couldnt wait any longer to change my blog to a fall theme, isnt it cute?!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Football and friends!

This weekend was the beginning of my favorite time of year!! Football season!!....
It means cooler weather!

Parker was actually able to play outside for more than 3 minutes!!

Dennis and I went to watch my brother (he is a junior in high school) play football at my old high school and they won!! Justin did so good and I cant wait to watch him every Friday night!

On Saturday we had a fun football party at Stephen and Sarah's house. The kids played outside, we all ate really yummy food and watched the Arkansas Razorbacks football game.

I just dont think there is anything better than watching football with some of your best friends!

After that we went to the lake with my family for Labor Day celebrations. Sunday was such a fun day. We went on the lake, watched movies and we all practiced shooting my brother's pellet gun (isnt that what all families do on holidays?).

Parker got to shoot his first gun and I will say, he is definitely a fan!! Daddy was so proud =) We all stood in line and waited our turn and whenever it was my turn Parker would tell me "Momma, its OUR turn!"

Monday (Labor Day) was not so fun, I woke up sick sick sick!. I wont tortue you with the details, but there are absolutely no pictures because I was in bed the entire time. And now everyone in my family is getting it one by one. Sorry everyone!! Thankfully, Parker hasnt gotten it. Pray pray pray he doesnt!!

Now, I am on the mend and have a lot of catching up to do!! Cant wait for the weekend...more footbal!!