Friday, March 18, 2011

Post op day 1

Parker had a pretty good night. His heart rate dropped some so he was placed back on the external pacemaker but he hasn't used it in the last few hours!

His pain has been pretty well controlled but he still has some moments. He really starts hurting when he has to cough. He has been drinking as much apple juice as they will let him! He is on fluid restriction (this surgery causes lots of fluid accumulation so they limit his fluids for a while), so he can only have 30 cc of liquid per hour (that equals one ounce), just enough to tease him!

In between the tiny bits of apple juice, I have been dipping a sponge in the juice and he will suck and chew that thing till it is bone dry!

I asked him this morning if he needed a kiss and he quickly said no, but then turned his head and Said "I need a kiss"! Love my sweet baby!!

The doctors just came in and they are going to take his catheter out and let him eat something today!

He LOVED the pudding! He ate the whole thing and then fell right to sleep. He is a happy boy with a full belly! I am so glad he is getting to eat and that he is able to eat!
Today they are also going to get him up into a chair! It will be so good for him, but it isn't going to be very fun!!

I will update again tonight...I am so glad I have this journal for Parker to read when he gets older. I want him to know how strong and amazing he is!


Jenny Lincoln said...

So glad to hear that he is doing so well! Keeping Parker in our prayers for a continued smooth and swift recovery!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you guys personally, but will be praying for sweet Parker; that he won't be in any pain, have a fast recovery, and be home soon.
With Love,