Monday, March 28, 2011

Still draining.

Well, spring break was over today for me and I had to go back to school! I hated to leave Parker but i knew he was in great hands with his daddy. Honestly, I think it was good for me to get out of the hospital.

Parker was feeling great today and was in the best mood! He is still draining into his chest tube, but it is decreasing. His chest xray looked better this morning! But his INR (coumadin levels) were extremely high this morning (3.9, if anyone cares....Lauren). So, we are holding his coumadin dose today and will recheck it in the morning. Parker has also been scratching his incision (I guess it is itching as it heals), and he scratched off a scab. Well, with an INR that high, he has been bleeding pretty bad from that area. His nurse just changed the dressing and I think the bleeding is finally under control.

When I got back this afternoon we headed to the playroom!!

We found this pouch to put his heart monitor in and Dennis figured out a way for his chest tube drain to hang on his IV pole, so we can just follow him around. It gives him a little more freedom.

His favorite things to do in the playroom is bowling with the Mickey mouse bowling pins!
He will get tired and go sit in a chair to throw the ball.

So proud of himself....

And his other favorite thing is sit in daddy's lap and play basketball.

When we got back from the playroom he was exhausted and fell asleep before we even knew it!

So, today was a good day. We are just waiting on the chest tube to stop draining and the coumadin levels to be corrected. I am anticipating at least another week. We are doing great and have such a great support system!

I still can't believe Parkers pulse ox is ranging from 93-97 on room air! Just AMAZING!

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The Wilson's said...

glad Parker had a good day today, I know all 3 of you are ready to go home. I am proud of you for going to school today, I know that was hard. I love all the updates on Parker, he has lots of people praying for him!!! love to you all!!!