Monday, March 21, 2011

Post op day #4

Today has been another good day! Parker got the rest of his chest tubes taken out today, and he did so good! They sedated him for the procedure and he slept for a long while after! See those two gauze dressings? That's where they were.

This is the face we saw for a good part of the day...

He was kind of pitiful with a really mad/serious face for a good portion of the day. He also kept saying his belly hurt. He complained about the pain from chest tubes coming out more than the heart surgery!

He walked today but relaxed most of the day. He was really tired after his procedure this morning.
He got s new Woody doll today and would not let it out of his sight! He even had to take it on his walk!

This evening during his bath we decided he needed his hair washed (really bad!). So, we found a shampoo cap. These things are awesome, you just put it on their hair and massage for a minute and then dry with a towel. And he looks pretty darn cute in it!

Today Parker got the last of his chest tubes out!! Woo hoo! His heart rate has also been in a good normal rhythm since yesterday, no more pacemaker. The only thing he has left are his pacing wires (the orange wires) and a heparin drip. These should both be gone tomorrow, and we should be moving out of the ICU and to the step down unit tomorrow!! He does still have his central line (iv in his neck) but that will probably stay until just before he leaves. He will probably start his coumadin tomorrow and he will be on that for the next 6 months. Once he starts that we should be on all the home meds and will just have to adjust the doses before we can go home.
So, tomorrow when he moves, it will be constant hospital for me :) I'm ok with that because it means we r closer to going home!!

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The Simmons Family said...

Wow..he looks so great! I am amazed at his speedy recovery! Why the coumarin for six months? Is that normal? Your freaking me out. Ha.

Jenny Lincoln said...

He is doing SO AMAZINGLY well! I love it! My daughter has her Fontan next Monday and Parker has given me such hope of how smoothly things can go. Hopefully once you hit the general floor the "D" word won't be too far into the future??? :)