Saturday, March 19, 2011

Post op day #2

Today has been a great day! Of course we have had some rough moments, but overall it has been so good. Parker is truly amazing and God is so good.

He has been resting a lot more today. This is how he has been falling asleep...can you imagine sleeping like this with all those chest tubes, lines and hurting chest? He is comfy though!
Parker hasn't eaten much but I did get him to eat an entire thing of applesauce.

This afternoon Parker has been completely off oxygen and his pulse ox is staying between 85-95!! before surgery he was at 75 on a good day. He is so pink :) love it!! His x-ray looks much better today and the little pneumo is pretty much gone! He also got his bandage removed from his incision and it looks so good! And he got up out of bed to a big boy potty that they brought to his bedside. I told him he can go in his diaper but He will not go in his diaper!
He can't eat anything after 4:00 am tomorrow so that he can get his chest tubes and RA line out in the morning. After that our only obstacle will be to get completely off the pacemaker.
We have also been so blessed with lots of visitors and gifts. We haven't even had to eat at the cafeteria yet (thank you friends!!).
Excited to see what tomorrow holds!!
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Carolina Carters said...

I'm so glad things are going well!! :) Hoping tomorrow brings more good news.

Sue said...

Miracle for Parker..Praise the Lord!!!Parker is looking sooo good and pink...I wanted to check in before Church to let folks know today...Also want to email my friend in Katy , Texas, her grandson Cade had this same surgery about 6 weeks ago...Keeping Parker in our Prayers..