Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey This is Amy (Kali's Lil Sis)


So... Kali and Dennis decided to ditch Parker and leave him with us while they go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Saturday was our first day with Parkadoodle.. nothing to exciting happened... we just sat at home while he slept and pooped.

Sunday was interesting.... He went to church with us and when we got there, Dad dropped us off at the door and we could NOT figure out how to get the stroller unfolded! We were sitting there, holding up traffic trying to get the dang stroller unfolded! kind of embarassing!

Anway, he was very good during church he slept pretty much the whole time.

After church, we went to the lake... he slept pretty much the whole way there and the whole way back... while we were there, him and i just hung out and watched keeping up with the kardashians! he LOVED it!! haha

After the lake, we went to Walmart where he had a BLAST!! haha thats him inside the buggy!

So.. anyway, thats pretty much it!
Today has been just like a normal work day!!

Mom was playing with him, hes been in a really good mood all day!

We are trying sooo hard to get him to crawl before mommy and daddy come home!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny Times

This is Parker and his favorite dog Bentley. Bentley felt a little left out when Parker first came home, but now they are best buddies!!

So, They other day Parker was playing with a highlighter at the office. He had his pacifier in his mouth and he wanted to bite on the highlighter. This is what happened!....

Also, one of Parker's favorite toys these days is an empty water bottle!!

More Birthday Fun!!

Last night we celebrated Brittani's birthday! We had a few people come over to our house and we grilled out. It is so great when our little group can get together. Some of the group couldnt make it, but we still had fun. It has become rare that we can all get together anymore because of our hectice lives. Everyone had fun playing with Parker.

Dian, me and Brittani

Diane and Parker

Brittani and Parker

Danny, Brittani and Parker

Michael and Parker

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm kinda sad

For those of you who dont know I am going on a vacation next week with my husband and our two very close friends. I am so excited about the trip....we are going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

I am excited about the trip, but I am so sad to leave my sweet Parker. He is staying with my parents and I compeletly trust them. They spend alot of time with Parker, they know his routine, and they are so great with him. I have just never been away from him (besides when he was in the hospital). I am busy getting everything ready...doctors phone number, important information, all of his clothes and toys. I have to spend more time packing for him than for myself!! It will be a much needed break. The past 7 months have taken a toll on me and my husband! We need some quality time together.

The friends we are going with, Stephen and Sarah, have a new baby too. Their daughter is Sydney and she is 3 weeks younger than Parker. This is the first time they have left her also. At least they will understand my emotions the day we leave!
This is Sydney and Sarah along with me and Parker. Sydney wasnt too happy about her mommy holding someone else!!
I will be sure to update throughout the trip. My sister will also be updating on my blog. I asked her to post things throughout the week about Parker so I can see what they have been doing!!
We leave this Saturday!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sunday was a day of birthday celebration. For lunch we went to Cabot for Dennis' grandmother's 82nd birthday. Dennis's grandma has only seen Parker one other time. She was so excited to see him.....Dennis' whole family was happy to see him!

Dennis, Parker, and Mema Evans

It was also my Dad's birthday. My dad is a huge part of my life and I love him so much!!
We went out to dinner at the Flying Fish for my Dad's birthday. After dinner went back to my parent's house for cake. Dennis and I love hanging out with my family and take every oportunity we have to do things with them.

My Dad loves Parker so much. He is so good with him and they have so much fun playing together!!

Dad and Parker

Dad and Parker playing with his rings

Well, I have tried and tried to get a picture of Parker with his foot in his mouth, but everytime I tried he would look up at me and drop his foot. I finally got a picture so I had to share it with everyone!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just hanging out

Just thought I would post some pictures of Parker just hanging out and having fun!!

SO, I woke up this moring and went in to get Parker and this is what I found.
He had unbuttoned his pajamas and managed to get one leg out! The buttons don't go all the way down the legs either!

First time swimming!!

Parker had his first swimming experience in a big pool! He loves to be outside and the water was the perfect temperature. He did pretty good. He didnt really like it when he went under water but he didnt hate it either!

This is Parker in his car floaty! He was so cute just hanging out!

Well, let me just say that Parker was worn out after all of this fun!!

I have to say that I think Parker's cheeks look so chubby in these pictures. It is great to see some chubbiness after all the weight gaining issues we have had. He weighs over 14 pounds now!!! I cant believe it!


One of our favorite snacks in my family is peanut M&Ms. My mom always has a bowl, jar, or container full of these everywhere, including her office and all over her house! I share an office with my mom and everyone from around the office is always coming in for a hand-full of M&Ms! parents went to New York last week. They went to the M&M store, they said it was 3 stories!! They got Parker a M&M outfit and he looked just like a peanut M&M.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been a while

I know it has been a while since I have has been busy! I have been working a few shifts at the hospital. I have been working nights shift and then coming home the next morning and taking care of Parker. I sleep when he takes naps! I am only working part time, so it's not that bad!
We really havent done anyhing out of the ordinary. We had a great father's day. Parker sent daddy on a scavenger hunt to find his was really fun! He got a new watch, and he loves it! We also went to see Dennis' parents this weekend. They love seeing Parker! Hopefully I will get some new pictures on here soon!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heart Doctor

Parker went for his cardiology appointment last week. He had an echocardiogram done. Our doctor (who is great by the way!) told at that the test shows a decrease in heart function. The doctor doesnt seem to be worried about because Parker is not showing any signs of heart failure. He just told us to watch him and let him know he starts getting more tired or sweating alot. Parker is full of energy and the doctor said he looks great to him. He did want us to leave his g-tube in for another 6 MONTHS!! (Even though we havent used it in a month) He said that if he does start showing signs of heart failure he will need the tube to eat because he will get too weak (just like before his last surery). Again, he doesnt think that is going to happen, but it is better to be safe than have to have another surgery to put the tube back in! Anyways, it wasnt the best news but Parker is doing great! It just reminded me and Dennis that Parker is sick. Sometimes we forget because everything has gone so well. Giving all the medications, worrying about his weight gain, feeding him through a tube, and his big scar just seems so normal to us now! We love our sweet little Parker!!