Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playdate with a new friend and an old friend

On Monday, Parker's birthday, we had a fun day! We went to the church's indoor playground and played with Noah and Brody. Noah's mom, Mandy, is a friend I knew of in high school but had never met in person until Monday. We connected through the blog world!! We have been emailing and talking for a long time and it was so great to finally hang out with her and Noah. Brody's mom, Michele, is a friend from highschool and it had been forever since we had seen each other. It was so great for these boys to get to play together.

Snack time.....

of coures, Parker had to pose.....

After our really fun morning we went home for a much needed nap. That afternoon we had our family pictures made. Dennis had ironed his and Parker's shirts that morning and I just had to snap a picture of them sweet!!
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Parker is two years old!!!!

Warning!!! There is a not-so-fun-picture of Parker in this post!!!!

I cant believe that my sweet little baby boy is two years old!! Where did that 5 lb baby go? These past two years I have been the best and I am so thankful for Parker!
Can you believe that Parker went from this.....

to this big boy.....

Happy 2nd birthday, Parker!!! We love you!
Parker is doing so great! He can say his ABCs (sometimes he gets stuck at L,M,N,O,P!!), he can count to 10, and he is running all over the place!! Thanks for all of your continued prayers for Parker!! Still cant believe he is two!!!

Thanksgiving program

Last week Parker had his Thanksgiving program at daycare. I was really surprised that they did a program for his age. It was so funny!!! The teachers sang the songs and the kids whined for their mommys and sang a few words in between!! Parker was the loudest kid!! He was yelling "MOMMA" across the room. He wasnt being bad just loud!! He sang some of the songs and then they got to come eat a Thanksgiving lunch with us. It was really cute but I think it will be a little better next year when he can sit still for more than 2 seconds!

Here is Parker getting up trying to come over to me. Notice how all of the other kids are sitting in the seats ready to sing!
SO, Parker got to sit in the teachers lap!! He wasnt too sad about it!
It was just so cute and the first of many programs I will get to go to!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Parker's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Parker's birthday isnt until the 23rd but we went ahead and had his birthday party this weekend since his real birthday is so close to Thanksgiving. We had his party at our church. They have a really fun indoor playground, a cafe and the gym where people played basketball and did roller skating!! We had a great turnout (but I was sad that some people couldnt make it!!) and everyone had so much fun!

Since it is right in the middles of hunting season, that was our theme. Dennis is a big duck hunter so my mom and I made a cake that looks like a Mallard. We made it look like it is sitting on water and the inside of the duck was red velvet cake!! so funny!

We set up our bounce house in the indoor playground and it was a big hit. Dennis even got in with Parker.

We also had a very special guest....
This is what Parker looked like when he saw him....He was so excited

Giving Barney knuckles

Blowing out the candle....

Parker also got a special present and he loves it!!!
Parker was alot more into opening his presents this year.

It was a great day! Parker was in the best mood and LOVED Barney. I was worried that it would scare him. He would go around and tell everyone Barney was there and would point to him.
I still cant believe Parker will be two next week. If you ask him how old he is, he will say "TWO"!!! I hope everyone has a great week!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First shot of the season

Parker got his first Synagis shot of the season today. Synagis is a RSV vaccine that Parker gets every 28 to 30 days in the winter months. We are so lucky that our insurance agreed to cover the shots for Parker this year. It is usually given until a high risk infant turns two years old. Parker turns two in November so our insurance said they would cover it for the entire season since he turns two during the time frame. Because of these shots, Parker has hardly even gotten a cold during the winter!! These shots are amazing and are REALLY expensive (like $3000 a shot)!! We are so blessed that our insurance is all for preventative care, because it could be VERY dangerous if Parker got RSV.
Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A great start to the weekend

I have had a really rough week and I just needed some time with my friends. Last night a few of our best friends came over for dinner. We grilled and cooked ALOT of food. We also had a fire in the firepit on the back porch. We roasted marshmallows and of course had s'mores!!! It was such a great time and exactly what Dennis and I needed.

This morning we went to the zoo!! This was Parker's first time to go to the zoo. He really liked it! It is the most gorgeous day today!!! The perfect day to just be outside at the zoo.

Here is Diane, Brittani and me. Diane just had to get up on the gorilla!

Lovin the train....

Waiving to all of the people coming up on the train.

I think Mallory really enjoyed herself!!

The bears...

The giraffes....

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Everyone is Arkansas needs to be out enjoying this AMAZING weather!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My little chicken

Well, I am finally posting about Halloween!! This has been a long, horrible week and I am just now getting around to uploading pictures from our weekend.
On Friday Parker had a Halloween party at daycare. I didnt want him to wear his "real" Halloween costume to daycare and ruin it so I bought a cheap Superman costume for him to ruin. Here he is with is bucket for trick or treating at daycare.

Friday night we went to the country club for a Halloween Carnival. It was a little old for Parker but he got to wear his cute chicken costume!!

On Saturday afternoon we went a fall party at Lauren's house. This is the best picture I could get of her son Spencer and Parker together. They kept fighting over Spencer's toys. It was so fun to see all of my old high school friends. We really dont get together enough!!
Can you tell I love this little guy!!?? He just makes everything so much better!!
After Lauren's party we went to trunk or treat at the church.
Just look at this little chicken!! I think he gets his back side from his mama!!
There was a horse and buggy ride. Parker loved it!!!
Trick or Treating at my grandparent's house.
Our attempt at a family picture..

We didnt go anywhere else because Parker wasnt really feeling 100%. I think all of the sweats got to his tummy!
After all of the Halloween fun we went back to our house to watch the Razorback game. (we won!!!) Diane, BJ, and Mallory came over. This was Mallory's first time at our house so we made a Halloween/Fall cake!! Parker decorated it!

We wore Mallory out!! Isnt she just so precious!!
So, that was our halloween. It is finally pretty outside and I cant wait for the weekend so that I can enjoy this beautiful weather!! Hope yall have a great weekend!