Friday, March 11, 2011

Last day of school

Parker's doctor wants him to be out of school the week of his surgery. This will decrease his risk of getting sick or beig around anyone sick before his surgery. So, today was Parker's last day of school before his heart surgery and his class threw him a pary! It was so sweet. They had cookies, ice cream sandwiches and punch. These are his best friends at school (Carson and Carter)....

This is Parker and his teacher, Miss Lynzee. Parker had just woken up from his nap in this picture =) All of his teachers are so sweet and they love him so much.

The kids and parents in his class are wonderful too. Parker got a present from one of his friends, he loved it and he calls it a polar bear!

Parker's class also made him this sign and they all "signed" it. It says "we will miss you Parker, Get well soon".
This week Dennis and I also got the opportunity to give blood for Parker to use while he is in the hospital. I just love that we could do this for him. I am a planner and there is just no way that I can plan what is about to happen but this is something I can do for him; so I did it!! A few of our friends and family were able to give blood also. We appreciate everyone who gave and everyone who tried to give but couldnt for various reasons. We are overwhelmed with all of the encouragement, notes, and prayers from our amazing family and friends.


Katie Grace Designs said...

Kali, just saw your comment which led me over to your blog. I am so sorry for all you have gone through and are going through with your son's health. I can't imagine what emotions you are going through with his upcoming surgery. I am praying for you all and pray that God surrounds you with overwhelming peace in the coming days and weeks. I have witnessed His power of peace and strength when it seems impossible. Hope everything goes well and look forward to seeing good news.

Edie said...

Kali, I am so glad you have this blog. It is my entertainment. I don't see you guys that much but I love you dearly. We are blessed to have you in our family. You're such a great wife and Mom! I love you!
Aunt Edie