Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day weekend 2011

Sunday we went to the lake with my family! Parker has always loved being out on the boat. This year was no exception. His favorite thing to do is counting all the boats out on the water (in English and in Spanish, of course!).

On Sunday night we got out on the boat at night to go see the fireworks. It was so neat to be out on the water in the dark. Parker was pretty tired because it was way past his bedtime.

This is my Papa and Parker.

He absolutely loved the fireworks. He saying "those are so pretty" and "that one is so beautiful"! He is at such a fun age, this summer is going to be so much fun =)

This weekend marked a little milestone for Parker. Whenever we go anywhere, Parker still sleeps in a pack n play because there arent bed rails everywhere we go. Well, we decided to let Parker try to sleep in bed without rails at the lake house. It was a twin matress on the floor but it was still a bed with no rails =) He could have still fallen off but he did awesome! He still didnt get out until we came to get him. He just sat and played in the bed when he woke up and wouldnt get out.

We didnt really get in the lake this trip, it was still a little chilly but we spent a lot of time out on the boat and swimming in the pool.

Across from our the lake house is an island. We took the boat over there and let Oliver play, fetch and swim. And Parker threw rocks in the water the entire time.

Oliver had the best time in the water! Im glad he likes the water because that is how he is going to stay cool this summer! Its going to be hot!! It is already 95 degrees in May!!

This was an amazing first weekend of summer and we are all looking forward to more =)

Happy Memorial Day!!

Crawfish 2011

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!
Saturday we had our annual crawfish broil at our house. We cooked, ate and played all day long. It was sooo hot but we had a blast!! Tank tops, shorts, bathing suits and ponytails were the attire for the day.

We got out the bounce house but added to water to the ball pit and this was the highlight of the day for the kids!! Mallory was the first to arrive! Parker absoluely adores her =)

The kids had a blast all day, this makes the parents very happy =)

There was also a slip n slide! Our backyard will never look the same =) But it was so worth it!!

It was such a fun day hanging out with all my friends. We had people stopping by all day (from about 9am-8pm). I was exhausted by the end of the day but had the best time! I am so glad the weather cooperated.

My sweet, handsome husband! Happy Memorial Day to Dennis, he is my hero =)

My very best friends! Thanks for all the help girls!

I think about 60 lbs of crawfish were eaten in one day!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Parker got some new goggles for the lake/pool!! At first he wasnt too sure about them but, as you can see, he thought they were hilarious!

A funny little story....
Yesterday we went to Children's hospital to get Parker's blood drawn to check his Coumadin levels. When we were walking into the building there was a school bus parked beside the sidewalk. Parker was beyond excited. Apparently he has never been this close to a school bus in real life (FYI, Parker is OBSESSED with school buses, he screams in the car whenever we see one and he has a small army of school bus figurines at home). He turned around gasping for air and asked if I would take his picture with the school bus!! (he must know I would want to blog about this amazing school bus!!). He wouldnt even look at the camera because he was so into looking at the awesome school bus. He told me he was "so excited!" and that school bus was "really cool".

BTW: his Coumadin level was perfectly therapeutic. We dont have to change his dose and we go back in a month (who would have thought this would be so easy)!

I also wanted to document that Parker is getting some freckles (like his mommy). They are only on his nose and it is the cutest thing I think I have ever seen =)

Its hard to see in the picture but they are right on the bridge of his nose (which is the cutest nose ever!). He really is getting so big and is such a little man.

Anyways, this post is kinda all over the place but that's how our life is right now!!
We are so excited about Memorial Day weekend!! It's going to be a fun filled weekend filled with family, friends and lots of crawfish!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last night Parker's school had their graduation. He goes to a Montessori school and he graduated last night from the Toddler class to the Primary class. How is he old enough to graduate?

This is Parker and his amazing teacher, Mrs. Lynzee. We LOVE her and we are so sad that she wont be Parker's teacher anymore=( He wont be going there much longer anyways, but we are still sad.
Parker's class sang three songs.."You are my sunshine", "Im a little tea pot" and "Rum Sum Sum". I have heard these songs over and over again the last few weeks. He knew every word and every motion.

One of Parker's best friends at school, Carson....

He was so proud of his diploma!

After his graduation we went home and he played fetch with Oliver.

and Granny (Dennis' mom) came over to play with Parker!

I am so proud of Parker! This year has been crazy! He has learned so much in school this year. He missed about 2 months for his surgery but went back and never missed a beat! What an amazing kid! I honestly didnt think he would go back to school before the end of the school year but he has been back for almost a month! He will be in a summer program and then he starts K-3 in August...I cant even talk about that yet :)

Congrats Parker!! We are so proud of you !!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bounce house fun

Staruday we didnt do much but we did go to my cousin's 8th birthday party (Natilee)! She had it at a bounce house place. I had never been to this particular place but it was so neat because they have a big room for little kids where the bounce houses are easy for them to play on and climb in.

Mckinzee is my other cousin and she is 3 months younger than Parker, they had a blast chasing each other around and playing with each other!

You can barely see Parker in this picture because he was going so fast down this slide!!

He had the best time and got so sweaty!

This is Parker and Mckinzee

He was so sweaty. It just showed me how much he has changed since his surgery. He played for a hour and a half straight without stopping to rest. It is just amazing how much more energy he has and how well he can keep up with the other kids now.

Than it was cake time. He is smiling so big because one of his favorite things to do right now is to sing "happy birthday"!!
Now all Parker wants to do is go back and jump!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Parker is in the cutest stage right now and one of his most favorite things to do is to go "potty on a tree". I am trying to control the situation and only let him do it when we are playing outside and he just HAS to go. He really only does it on the weekends, at our house and thankfully we have a pretty secluded back yard.

He is also saying some of the funniest things right now! He has learned who is a girl and who is a boy and tells everyone what they are. Now if anyone asks him his name he says "Parker Lee Evans the boy". If I do anything for him or hand him anything he will say "thank you mommy the girl!" He also wants to count everything but he has to count them in English AND in Spanish. Such a smarty pants!

This weekend the weather was kinda cold but it was a great weekend because Oliver came home from duck hunting training!! Parker missed him so much. We took the boys on a walk at 2 rivers park. I had never been there until Saturday, It is so close to our house and it the perfect place to have picnics, walks, runs, and maybe even family pictures =)

I dont know if it was Oliver's homecoming or Mother's day last weekend but Dennis decided that I needed a shot gun. I am one lucky girl =) I dont know if yall remember but I went duck hunting with Dennis last year and I used my brother's gun. Well, it was huge and my short arms could barely hold it up and pump it at the same time. So, Dennis decides I needed my own little gun. So, he got me a youth model and it fits me perfectly. Of course, this gun will most likely be Parker's when he starts hunting, but for now I get to use it.

And we had to shoot it!

Here is a picture of my new gun and Oliver. He didnt get too much bigger over the last two months, and he is still the sweetest most laid back dog. He has adjusted to being back with us perfectly. We are all glad he is back, he really is a fun dog to have and he keeps little Bentley (our shiztu) on his toes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

animals, music and a bump

This week the weather has been amazing and Parker has wanted to ride the Ranger everyday after school. We have ventured out of the normal path we drive and found a whole new world right outside of our neighborhood! We found some really nice horses to talk to! Who knew that there was a horse "farm" less than 1/4 a mile from our house in the middle of the city.

Last night my brother Cory was in town and he played an acoustic show at the Rev Room in downtown Little Rock. he is always so busy touring around the country and he doesnt get to play much in Little Rock, so it is nice when we call all go see him sing. Click on his name to hear his music. I know he is my brother but I think he is really good!

The past few days I have started to notice a "bump" on Parker's chest near/under his incision. I started thinking about it and decided to email his cardiologist with a picture. He got back to me in like a hour (BTW, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our cardiologist!!).

He told me that as long as it is hard, nontender, not red or draining that it is normal. Because the right side of his heart is larger than normal, it pushes out on the incision as it heals. He said that this should look less prominent as he grows. It really doesnt look that bad, It doesnt make his shirt stick out or anything. I am just a mom and got worried =) I wanted to share this information because I know a few heart moms read this blog and a few of them are post-fontan now!! woohoo!! and might see this "bump" and wonder what it is. Now you know!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day weekend

This weekend was spent celebrating our mothers. On Saturday Dennis' family came over. We grilled and played outside, the weather was amazing!!

Parker had a blast! He was sooo dirty and sweaty.
I hate that I didnt take many picture!
On Sunday Parker brought me breakfast in bed. And then we went to church.

We spent the afternoon with my mom and both grandmothers. This is a weird picture of Parker and I but I wanted to remember him bringing me a hand picked flower. Such a sweet boy (most of the time). =)

My sweet husband pampered me on mother's day. He is the best!

I am so thankful for my family. I thank God everyday for allowing me to be a mother to such a brave, strong and full of personality son. He truely brightens my day every single morning when he gets out of bed. Being his mommy isnt always the easiest job but it is the best job!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweet gifts

Today Parker came home and was so excited to give me the mothers day presents he had made me in school!!! He gave me a box filled with hugs and kisses and some macaroni art!

He is so sweet, he kept hugging and kissing me and telling me he loves me this much!

After school we played outside until bedtime. I LOVE this time of year!!

Parker is getting so big...he has started calling me mom (so sad). He will wake up asking for a specific pair of underwear and a certain shirt (this morning it was his school bus shirt). Something funny...he has been waking up for the past three morning with his hand asleep (I'm guessing). He will shake it and hit it and tell me to look at it...I think it is pretty confusing for him! So funny!

Heart wise he is doing fantastic. He has so much more energy and is keeping up with the other kids pretty well. Still resting a bit during playtime, but not as much. He doesn't go back to the cardiologist for an echo for two months! I still can't believe the Fontan surgery is behind us...a prayer answered, PTL!!

Happy mother's day!!

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