Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This morning Parkers central line dressing came off and the catheter came out of his neck a little bit. The consensus was to take it out because pushing it back in would put him at a very high risk for infection. So, I figured out a way to hook all of his other stuff to his body so he can walk around freely! He is loving it and I can hardly keep up with him.

His chest tube drain is hooked on his collar and tucked in his pants, but it works!

We spent the majority of the day in the playroom.

We also got a huge delivery of balloons from the ACH auxiliary! He played with those things for hours today!

Today was kind of a big day. Parker had some xrays done this morning and they showed only a tiny bit of fluid around the lungs (we all have some). So, his chest tube was clamped off this morning to see if any fluid accumulates. We get xrays every day and if all looks good they will remove it in 48 hours!! He has been tolerating it as far as i can tell. Parker also ate so good this evening, he hasn't had the best appetite and hasn't really liked his new diet :) the nutritionist came in this afternoon and had a fresh pair of eyes and really helped me get creative with his diet. Low fat, low sodium and high protein is not the easiest! his diuretics were also changed to a home regimen and dosing (something by mouth and manageable to give at home).

We are still getting the coumadin levels where they need to be, this morning they were 2.5, so he was restarted on a low dose tonight. Now that his central line is out he will have to be stuck for labs every morning :( but they are going to send the phlebotomist up to do it (specially trained). This is better than getting an infection with that line.

So, we will still have no idea when we are going home, but all of these things are getting us there!
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