Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yay, Football!!

Finally!! This week was the first signs of football season! My brother is playing football at Arkansas Baptist High School (still cant believe he is in high school!!). He is a starter and it is so fun to hear his name over the loud speaker!
Parker absolutely loves watching/going to football games. Touchdown!!

Before the game he was searching for Justin. He was yelling "Justing, where are you?" Im pretty sure he embarrassed Justin in front of his football budies.

This is going to be such a fun fall!! We have Justin's games on Friday nights and Kelsey will be cheering for OBU on Saturdays and then of course, Razorback games on Saturdays!!
The weather is already started to feel a million times better. The high today was only 92, I opened my sun roof and rolled down the windows!! Yay for fall!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First camping trip

This past weekend we went camping with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney at Lake Catherine. This was Parker very first camping trip. We borrowed Dennis' parents motor home for the weekend. Yes, this is camping to me!! We were roughing it as far as I'm concerned!!

We spent most of our time at Stephen and Sarah's camp sight. Their site was on the water. It was really hot!! so the kids spent alot of time in the water or by the water.

Parker and Sydney were both obsessed with their fishing poles.
And they spent the other part of their days on their favorite vehicles.

We didnt have very many meltdowns or fights between the kids. The kids took great naps in the afternoons, so Sarah and I floated on our rafts and got some sun while the guys went fishing.
It was a great weekend and I cant wait to go back!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Color of Hope

It is no secret that I absolutely love Arkansas Childrens Hospital. I take any opportunity to support and give back to ACH. On Friday, my parents, some friends and Dennis and I drove up to Fayetteville for the Color of Hope Gala. It is amazing to me how much people from all over the state support this amazing place. They were talking about how they were so grateful that ACH was only a 50 minute Angel One (ACH helicopter) ride away.There were over 1200 people at the event and it was projected to raise over 1.2 million dollars! AMAZING!
When we entered the event there was a red carpet with "paparazzi" flashing their cameras at us. Here is our red carpet moment.....

Every year the color of hope is a different color. This year it was red. Sadly, I did not have a red dress, but check out my cute red shoes!! and I had some red jewlry on.

This was some of our group from Little Rock.
A highlight of the night was meeting Herschel Walker. My husband thought I was crazy because I didnt really know who he was =) Apparently he is a very famous football player that won the heisman trophy and played for the Dallas cowboys.

Dennis is very excited that we now have Herschel Walker's autograph!
He is the nicest man and loves ACH! He donated four Super Bowl tickets in the live auction and threw in breakfast and dinner with him while in Dallas for the game.

It truely was an amazing night! Two live auction items sold for over $30,000!!

It just makes me so happy to know that so many people support ACH since Parker will be forever going there. They are one of the leaders in pediatric research and are 10 minutes from my house!
I hope everyone has a great week!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

back to school!

School started Thursday for Parker! He was so excited to go back and see his teacher (he LOVES her) and to see his friends! They all remembered each other. One little girl and boy ran over to Parker when he got there and hugged him! So cute. I pray that Parker makes life long friends at an early age. I did and I couldnt make it without them =)

Parker had to give Bentley a hug goodbye

Parker is saying "are you ready freddie?"
I took the picture below of his second day with his lunch box because the first day of school this wonderful mom forgot to send a lunch to school!! On the first day, how did I forgot to feed my child?!! His wonderful teacher found him some food, so he didnt starve. I absolutely love the school we have put Parker in. It is truely a blessing from God.
Also, I start back to school this week. I have been in summer school all summer, but it was very laid back and if I must say it....a little bit easy.

I am not expected that for this semester. I start my specialty (adult acute care nurse practitioner) semester and I am just going to expect the worst and hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised! This is the semester I have been waiting for, the downhill slope to finishing!! Only 1 1/2 more years!! I cant do it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The festivities have begun

In July my brother got engaged and yesterday was the first wedding shower for Katherine. This is a short engagement, so we had to get the ball rolling pretty fast!!
Im sure I will have many more wedding related posts.

My grandmother, me and mom

Amy came in from California for the shower

The girls and Gran

I just thought Parker looked pretty darn cute on Sunday morning. You cant really tell in this picture, but I "fixed" his hair (using gel and a hair dryer). He loved every minute of it!! I shaved his head at the beginning of the summer and have been shaving it every few weeks, but I stopped and I am letting it grow out. I miss his cute reddish hair!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our week and a fun find!

This week has been uneventful, but we did manage to get some things done! Back in October of 2009 Parker had tubes put in his ears due to a ridiculous number of ear infections. Well, Tuesday we had his check up. Here is a picture of him in the sound booth. This is a sound proof booth where they check his hearing. He had to wear these head phone (I cant believe he kept them on, by the way) and put a coin in the bucket everytime he heard the noise. He was such a good boy!

We found out that both of his tubes are still in but the right one is clogged. All we have to do is put some drops in his ears for 7 days. Easy enough!

On Thursday we were running some errands and decided we NEEDED a cupcake....The new cupcakes on the ridge opened near our house....not good!

We have been having record breaking heat in Arkansas! It has been so hard on Parker because we just cant stand to be outside for more than about a minute!

Yesterday we had a 5 minute rain shower and I let Parker play in it! He loved it. I hate that I didnt get a picture of it. We were also able to go play on the swing set for a few minutes tonight, until Parker asked to go in becuse he was hot.
Hopefully we will get a break from the heat soon!!
I wanted to tell yall about a really fun thing I found (most of yall have probably already heard about it, but it is new to me!) It is a rubber placemat that kids (or me) can color on. It comes with these markers, but you can use any washable marker on it.

It is rubber so it sticks to the table really well and it folds up really small (good for the diaper bag). I havent taken it to a restaraunt yet, but I am pretty sure it will keep Parker very entertained!

I just think it is the cutest thing!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jump Zone and Potty Training

Friday night, we took Parker to Jump Zone with Stephen and Sarah (and Sydney) and Sarah's sister (and her kids). Jump Zone is a huge warehouse with a ton of huge inflatables. Parker just loved it!! He was kinda slow climbing the steps but once he got up, he loved the huge slides. I thought this picture was so funny.....He just flew down all sprawled out.

Sydney and Parker. Please excuse the huge socks. I didnt know that they had to wear socks when playing. So, we had to buy some. Parker doesnt have the biggest feet and they didnt have very small socks. So, they went up to his knees!!

All the girls and Parker

Yesterday I started hard core potty training with Parker. I used a pull up yesterday and he kept it dry the entire day (minus nap time, still used a diaper). So, today I broke out the underwear!! Parker did SOOOO good. He did not have any accidents until right before bed, but it was a tiny one. Hopefully today wasnt just a fluke. I will definitely keep yall updated!! I will be thrilled if he is completely potty trained before school starts(aug. 16)!!

He had to model his underwear!! He will probably kill me for this someday but I just had to post it!!

And I just love his little butt!!
Wow!! This will completely mortify him when he is 15!! Ha!! Isnt that what moms are for?!