Thursday, March 31, 2011

Post op day 14

Wow! Can you believe it has been two weeks! This morning Parker went down for his morning xray and woody got to go!his xray looked good and Parker got his chest tube out today! woohoo!

After that, the day was pretty uneventful.

Parker spent the day charming the nurses (they love him because he always tells them thank you, no matter what they have done. Such a sweet boy), playing in the playroom, and eating Popsicles!

Parker was slightly dehydrated this morning so they decreased his diuretics. His INR was 1.5, so his coumadin dose will remain the same. All things are looking good and if everything stays how it is right now we should go home tomorrow or Saturday (maybe!).

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Diane Lafferty said...

It is truly amazing what his little body has been through and how quickly he is recovering. I hope you get to come home today!