Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zipper club

Everyone that knows me or reads my blog knows that Parker has had 2 open heart surgeries (OHS) in his short little life. Because of this he has MANY beautiful scars on his abdomen. The actual scar from the OHS looks really good and is pretty faded. The other scars from his 5 chest tubes and g-tube are the ones that are pretty noticeable. These scars are going to be messed with at least one more time for his 3rd surgery.

I knew the day would come when I would have to explain to Parker about his "zipper" scar, but I never expected it to be so soon.

This past weekend Parker pointed to the many scars on his chest and said, "mommy, what's that?" It kind of took me off guard because he has never noticed them before. I told him that he had surgery when he was a little baby and that God gave him a very very special heart. I know he kind of understands but probably doesnt understand much about this but I want him to know that his scars arent bad and to be proud of them. He has asked me a few times since then "what is that" while pointing to his chest and I tell him the same thing.

After Parker asked me that last weekend, it brought up some memories that only a heart mom can have.

This is the last picture I have of Parker with a smooth, non-scarred chest. He was 7 days old and only hours before they took him into his 13 hour surgery. He looked so healthy, how could he only have half of a heart? Secretly I prayed to God that they would open him up and find that he had a normal heart and that they had made a mistake. Silly, huh?

I sat there for hours touching his smooth chest, trying to picture what my baby was going to look like when they brought him back out. I never could have imagined how beautiful he was going to be and much I would love his scarred chest.

I wouldnt change Parker for anything. All that he has been through is going to make him such a strong boy and man. He has such an amazing testimony and I cant wait to see how God uses him to touch and change lives.

Pray for Parker,that he will understand and wont be scared. Pray for me, that I will know the words to say.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mallory is 1!!

I cannot believe that Mallory is 1!! Mallory's mommy, Diane, is one of my very best friends.

Here is Mallory exactly one year ago. She was the cutest and sweetest baby. Now she is a big girl and is pretty much walking.
We had her first birthday party in our back yard. It was the coldest day we have had in a while! Last week it was in the 100's and Saturday it was in the 60's. I thought the weather was perfect (maybe a little windy). We set up the bounce house and the kids had a blast.
Here is Mallory with her cute "smash" cake. She was so funny, she just did not want to get dirty!
Parker didnt mind....he would not stay out of her cake.

Isnt she the cutest thing!! (Yes, that is Parker's hand and fork sneaking a bite of cake).

Look at those teeth! She is literally always smiling!
Mallory with her amazing parents, Diane and BJ.

All of my favorite girls were there. (Diane is going to hate this picture because her hair is blowing, but I dont care because you put a HORRID picture of me on your blog!)
While we were cleaning up, Parker and Mallory played so great together in the den. It is so fun that Mallory is getting old enough to "play" with Parker. HAPPY 1st BIRHTDAY MALLORY!!
We love you!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Boy Blanket

This is probably the most stupid thing to blog about, but parker started sleeping with his big comforter last night. He calls it his "big boy" blanket.
When we moved him into his big boy bed we just gave him the same blanket he used in his crib and that was it. The weather is starting to get cooler and he just seems cold. So, we put on his camo comforter and he did so good with it.

That morning I went in to wake him up and he was still under the comforter, sleeping like a big boy. He is really growing up. I know this is silly but I just wanted to remember it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

haircut and the big game!

This summer I buzzed Parker hair really short. Well, yesterday he got his first hair cut since before summer. It wasnt really long yet but it was getting shaggy. The before:

The after:

He did so good. And he loved it when the girl put gel in his hair and spiked it. He was so worried about messing it up the rest of the day.

Yesterday we went to the Arkansas vs Alabama game in Fayetteville. It was a record breaking crowd. We went with my parents and did the whole tailgating thing and our seats were row #8 on the 50 yard line. The sun set behind us...couldnt have asked for more perfect seats! We even made friends with the couple sitting next to us.

We had so much fun. It was an awesome game....very intense until literally the very last minute.
I was so excited about my foam finger!!

Before the game an airman from the military parachuted in with the American flag and the game ball. It was really amazing!

We didnt win but the Razorbacks almost beat the #1 team in the country. (20-24). I am proud to be a Razorback!! Go Hogs!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Kalihunter is the log in name my husband gave me when he signed me up for the online hunters education class a few weeks ago. He has high hopes for me =) So, we have been working through the class together and he has been teaching everything he knows about guns, ammunition and safety. Once I finished the online final exam, I had to go take a written exam. I was a little nervous because of how excited Dennis was that I was going to be a legal hunter (not that I hunt or anything) and I did not want to disapoint him. I went into the classroom (which by the way was at my old high school, weird!) and opened my exam booklet and the test was 100 questions!! I became a little more nervous but I got really nervous when I looked at the answer sheet and saw that almost half the test was FILL IN THE BLANK!!! I did not want to have to go outside and tell me husband that I failed...I dont know the internal parts of a shot gun shell!!

Well, I spent 45 minutes taking the test and missed 14 questions. Thats right, I made an 86%....I passed!!!

Here I am with my temporary hunting license. I am so glad that is over!! Havent decided if I am going to let Dennis talk me into hunting with him.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The weekend

I think I have watched more football this year than I have in my whole life combined!! So. Fun!
Friday night we went to Justin's football game for the first half. Justin isnt playing right now because he broke his collar bone in the first game of the season. He will be out for about 4 more weeks, but we still love to support the Eagles!!
Saturday morning we watched the Razorback game with Diane, BJ and Mallory and then Saturday night we went to watch the OBU game (mostly went to watch Kelsey cheer!).

Me, Kelsey and mom
The rest of the weekend was spent playing outide as much as we could. It is still so hot!! Why is it 100 degrees in the middle of September!?? ugggh! I am so afraid we are going to miss our wonderful fall weather and it is just going to go straight to winter weather.

Parker doesnt mind. He just rests when he needs to and tells me when he is too hot and needs to go inside. He is all boy and loves to play hard. I wish the picture below had turned out better. his sweat had turned into mud because he was so dirty!!
I just love this sweet boy and cant believe he is almost 3!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!

Parker is really getting into the football spirit and just loves calling the hogs. The beginning of the video is of Parker saying cheese because any time a camera is pointed at him he thinks he is suppose to yell "cheese".

catching up

I havent posted in a while! Things have been so busy! Football season, school, playing outside (the weather has just been so pretty!!) and life has been keeping us busy.

These picture are so out of order but I just dont have time to fix it right now!
This is from the first Razorback game of the year! This past weekend I went to Rhea Lana. It is a HUGE consignment sale. I got Parker this rug with roads on it and he loves it! I cant keep him off it. I took Diane to the sale and she was hilarious! She was like a kid in a candy store! We got both of the kids winter wardrobes and Halloween costumes!

We also watched the Razorback game and Parker was decked out in his Razoback attire.

Danny and Brittani came over to watch the game

Last weekend was labor Day. My mom had a dinner for a few friends. We had dinner out on their driveway because their back yard is under construction.

That morning we went to Dennis' parents house for a Labor day lunch and parker had a blast swimming in Granny's pool.

We have been going to the park and playing every evening outside! We just love this time of year!

Yesterday, parker and I went to deer camp with daddy. parker had the best time because he got to spend the day doing what he loves....riding on daddys ranger and papa's 4wheeler.

I know that this post is all over the place and doesnt do that great of a job catching the blog up. I am going to do better!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friends! and Meet the Eagles

This past weekend, I attended a baby shower for my fun friend, Hannah. It was a mini reunion. All the girls that came were from high school and it was so fun!! We caught up with each other and we reminisced about our high school days.
I left without any makeup on because I was laughing to hard!! It is so awesome to have this many friends that I have known for over 10 years and most for 20!!

Tuesday night was meet the Eagles at my brother's high school. It is so fun going back to my high school! All of the football players and cheerleaders were out on the field signing autographs!! So funny! There was a competition between all of the elementary students to see who could get the most autographs. The picture above is one of my sisters best friends and Here is Justin....

Parker loves going to see Justing play football. He screams for him. I tried to get it on video but I kept missing it. I will for sure get it on video soon!! Below is another football player who loves Parker!

I am so happy that Parker loves to go to football games! He really is so good at them.
Our house is getting ready for some Razorback football this weekend! This is my favorite time of year!!