Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mexico 2011

Last week Dennis and I were able to take a short vacation to Mexico with two other couples. It was so fun and much needed!
First I wanted to show yall the coolest thing we did. We got to swim with dolphins. I know that alot of people have done this but to me, it is one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do!

We rode on their belly

And gave kisses

We had so much fun with our friends and no kiddies. We missed them but it was nice to have a little us time.

We went to the Riviera Maya and it was absolutely beautiful the whole time.

We went to neighboring town to shop and got to hold these fun little monkeys!

This one wanted my sunglasses and was going to do anything to get them!

We all had a romantic lobster dinner on the beach one night.

We mostly relaxed, got some sun, went to the spa and laughed!!

Now back to real life....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WRC, Diuretics and Uniforms oh my!

I have been quite the slacker on the blog this summer!!
Last Saturday we took Parker to Wild River Country for the first time and he absolutely loved it! I havent been there in over 15 years, so it has changed a lot! We went with Diane, Bj and Mallory to night water, so we went in the evening. The kids couldnt go on the big slides, so the adults took turns going on some rides. There was a kids slide that look just like the big slides. A parent could get in a double tube with their child and go down. I seriously have never seen a bigger smile on Parker's face! He could not get enough! I wish I had my camera, but I didnt want to risk taking it in and it getting ruined or stolen.

When we got home Parker was wiped out! He wanted to lay on the couch with a blanket (I dont think he has done this since he was 2 months old!!) He layed there for an hour and then went to bed. I had to document this because it will probably never happen again! =)

On Sunday, I started noticing that Parker was looking a little puffy around his eyes (remember we stopped his diuretics last week). I thought maybe he was just tired and I would watch him. On Monday, he still looked puffy and his teacher at school even noticed it. So, I called his Cardiologist. Well, he is out of town until next week so the nurse and I decided to restart the diuretics this week and then call him next week to see what he wants to do. No biggie, I just feel bad for Parker because he has to use the bathroom ALL THE TIME!! but we want to keep his heart happy =)

A might just get teary writing about this next event! We went to the Toggery to buy Parker's school uniforms for his new school!! He will be starting K-3 in August. His unform is khaki or navy shorts/pants with a red, white, light blue or navy collared shirt. The smallest shorts they had were a 3. The waist was pretty big but they should work if we just put a tack in the waistband and then we can let it out in the Spring. They only had one shirt in his size, so we ordered those and we also ordered a tiny school sweatshirt! He is just going to be the cutest little school boy!

He was so excited! I just cant believe he is old enough to go to school! I know its not "real" kindergarten but to me its a big deal! I am so glad that his surgeries are behind us and now we can just focus on Parker's future with nothing hanging over our heads! God is so good and his plan is perfect!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A long day at ACH

This morning Parker's school took all the kids on a field trip to Jump Zone and he had a blast but he was also worn out!

I picked him up at lunch and we headed to Arkansas Childrens Hospital for his cardiology appointment. First we headed to the outpatient lab and got his blood drawn (to check his INR) and then we headed to the clinic.

We waited for a while and then Parker got his echo. He was so great during the echo and I think the tech fell in love with him! The appointment was great and Parker's echo looked great. His right ventricle function has improved since his last echo in April and his valve leakge has improved slightly (they repaired it during surgery). AND His diuretics were stopped!! woohoo!! So, we will just watch him the next few days for puffiness and make sure his breathing doesnt changed. If he does get puffy, I will just start the diuretics back. We are not expecting to have to restart them because of the summer heat and how much he sweats. His INR was a little low so we increased his Coumadin slightly. He wants him on the Coumadin at least untilt he end of the year. He told me that taking him off the Coumadin would be his Christmas present to Parker.

We dont have to go back for a cardiology appointment for 4 months!! Dr. Seib went over the long term complications that can happen after the Fontan and what to watch for. I wont bore you with those because Im sure we have to worry about them =)

Oh yeah, Parker's pulse ox was 95%!! This truely blows my mind!! No wonder he has more energy than he knows what to do with!! I told Dr. Seib that he gave parker too much energy =)

After being at the hospital for 5 hours we were finally finished! On the way out we stopped at the huge train and the outside playground.

By the time we got home at 6:00 pm, Parker was out and went straight to bed. He doesnt do well when he is worn out AND has to skip his nap.

It was a really long day but a great appointment! It is so strange to not have any plans for surgery in our future and Im loving it =) This next year is going to be so fun for our family (Parker starts K-3, I graduate with my Masters Degree!!), I just cant wait!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend

This weekend was so fun! We spent the weekend at the lake and some friends joined us! Diane and I went to Hot Springs after lunch on Friday with the kids. We got everything ready and swam with the kids.

Parker has always been very timid around the water. This summer is no different but he is doing so much better!! By the end of the weekend he was jumping in from the first step.

Mallory on the other hand is a dare devil!! She is a fish!

Parker loved jumping in to his boogie board.

That night, the boys got there from work and we ate dinner and just relaxed.

The next morning we got up and went out on the boat and took the kids tubing! Parker loved it and Mallory loved it as long as it was for a limited amount of time.

Danny and Brittani also came up on Saturday to play. We ate dinner and then went out on the boat for the fireworks.

The kids stayed up so late and did great!

Diane and BJ left on Sunday and we stayed until Monday. We had the most relaxing time! Parker's favorite thing is to "drive" the boat!

...And to fish! He would sit there for hours and reel in the fake fish!
On Monday we came home, unpacked, and then went to Diane and BJs for an afternoon cookout.

Parker went without his shirt most of the time (because he spilled juice all over it). He played golf with the big boys.

Parker and Mallory are so cute together! At the lake, when she would come in wearing her pajamas he would say, "Mallory you are so cute!"
Mallory is getting old enough to play with him and it so fuN!

Mackenzie was there too! she is getting so big also. We have some fun years ahead of us =)

Hope everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend and celebrate our freedom with family and friends!