Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

This has been such a great Christmas! On Christmas Eve, we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. Parker got to come to the service with us (there was no child care). Some how we ended up on the VERY front row in the was completely full and my family was on the second row (we werent late, just right on time!). Parker did great during the singing and then during the Lord's supper he started getting a little restless. I decided to take him out right after the prayer. As I was walking out (in the very front of the church!!), Parker yells "BYE DADDY, BYE, C-YA!!!" I heard laughing behind me and my family later told me that everyone giggled! That's Parker for you...he doesnt have very good volume control!!!
After church we went to my granmother's house.
Here are all of the grandkids and one great-grandkid

My family
My little family!!

Me and my sweet boy!

Opening presents at Gran's.

I love being at Gran's house on Christmas Eve! It gets sooo loud, we have to pretty much yell at each other to have a conversation.
After Grans, we went to my parents to open gifts from all the brothers and sisters. Parker went to bed during this (it was 8:30). We got him up around 11:30 pm and went home and he went right back to bed.
And then, Dennis and I got everything ready for Santa!

All of Parker's goodies. (please dont tell him, but I used some of his presents from his birthday!! this is probably the last year I can get away with that!!! His birthday is so close to Christmas and he got so many toys this year!)

Parker going in to see what Santa brought!

He was so excited!

There is probably something wrong with this but this nerf shotgun was Parker's favorite gift!! His daddy was so proud!
After Parker played with his stuff from Santa we went to my parent's for breakfast and a late lunch.

Parker and Dennis got matching shirts!! (Dennis's says "Big Guy" and Parker's says "Little Guy")

Parker and my grandmother "mimi"

Parker and his new RadioFlyer!
Parker got to play with my cousin (his second cousin?). She is 3 months younger than him. How cute are her pigtails?!!
We had such a great Christmas and it was so fun to just hang out with family and eat a ton of yummy food!! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The presents have started!

Yesterday, I took Parker to the office with me for a little bit. His favorite person at the office, Mike, had a Christmas present for him!! Parker was so funny opening the gift. He has to put every piece of torn wrapping paper in a neat pile. (He definitely gets that from his daddy!!) It took him forever to open the present because he was so worried about where the paper was going!! It's gonna be a fun Christmas!!

Mike gave him a Melissa and Doug hammer toy. I love Melissa and Doug toys and so does Parker.
Mike said he wanted to get him something loud!! Well, he succeeded! I dont care because Parker loves this toy.

Yesterday when I took him to daycare (a little late) Santa was in his room taking pictures with all of the kids. Parker opened his arms and ran straight to Santa and hugged him!! I could not believe it! He stood beside Santa and said "bye Momma"!!

Parker also made me this dish towel with his hand prints on it! They are so cute and tiny!
Last night, Danny and Brittani stopped by to give Parker his Chrismas present. Again, he put all of the paper in a pile while he was unwrapping the present!

Brittani, Parker and Danny (also, in the background, a little preview of the semi-finished kitchen!!!)
Today, Parker came to work with me this morning for a few hours and we are spending the rest of the day at home. It is so nasty and rainy outside....a great day to stay inside and play. We are having such a fun day at home!!

Tonight we will go to the Christmas Eve service at our church and then off to my grandmother's house!! I cant wait to just hang out with my family and celebrate Jesus!!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friends and pajamas

Dennis and I are having some of our kitchen redone. We have been saving up to do this project since the day we moved into our house. I could not be more excited about it!! We had tile countertops in our kitchen and all of the crumbs would get stuck in the grout and anything that was spilled would stain the grout!! I just needed it gone!! So, Monday the new countertops and new backsplash project started!!! The new countertops (granite!!) were put in on Monday and the old backsplash was torn out. They will spend the rest of the week doing the backsplash and probably a little into next week since it is Christmas. On Monday night, Stephen, Sarah and Sydney came over. Stephen helped Dennis move a few outlets (we had to have it done before the next day when they started on the backsplash). Parker and Sydney exchanged Christmas presents!

Here they are in action.


Playing with the drum that Sydney gave Parker. This was the 2 seconds that they were sharing! The rest of the time they were fighting over those drum sticks.

Holding hands while they ate dinner!! These two are killing me!!!
The next day at school was pajama day!!

I found these flanal pj's with Lightning Mcqueen and Towmater wearing santa hats.
I wanted to take a picture when we got to school so I bent down on the ground (to Parker's level) to get a good straight on shot of him. I told him to smile so I could take a picture. Well, he bent down exactly like I was and said cheese....
He is just getting so big!!
I hope everyone has a great week!!
When the kitchen is finished I will do an entire post with day by day progress.

Christmas party at the Sellers'

I finally got my camera back!!!
On Saturday night, Danny and Brittani, had a Christmas party at their house for all of our friends. My parents kept Parker. It was such a fun night! It seems like everyone is so busy these days, so it is nice when we can all be in one place and just talk and laugh! There was also some really yummy food!!

This is Diane, Brittani, Me, and Brie (she is having a baby in March!!)
I got to see Mallory!! I cant believe how big she has gotten.

Some of the girls at the pary.
It was fun to hang out with all of my old friends, but it was also fun to meet new ones!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with Dennis' family

Yesterday we drove to Morrillton to celebrate Christmas with Dennis' side of the family. It was a great afternoon with family, food and fun! We played Christmas Bingo and won cute ornaments. Actually, I never won!! I think I was the only person that didnt get a bingo!! Oh well, it was still so much fun! Parker was great all afternoon. He ate lunch and played and then took about a 2 hour nap. After his nap, we opened presents.

Parker got his very own "hello" (that is what he calls a phone).
And of course, he played with the big box!!!
I dont know how I didnt take pictuers of anyone but Parker. But, that is usually how it is....all about Parker!!
I just love the sweater that Parker wore. It looks like an old man sweater!! He is getting so big!
We also went to a Christmas party on Saturday night but I left my camera. I will post about that later today or tomorrow when I get my camera back.
I hope everyone has a great week with family and friends!

Friday, December 18, 2009

He is Home and Garvan Gardens

My new little brother is home!! He is just so cute and tiny! It is hard to believe that Parker was 1 1/2 pounds smaller than him!!

My dad and Tyler

This was the first time Parker saw Tyler. He was pointing and saying "hi baby".

Parker would play and ignore the baby and then would come over and just stare at him. So cute!!

Last night we went to Garvan Gardens with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney. We met at a restaraunt to eat before we went to the gardens. We got there first and while we were waiting Parker would not stop calling for Sydney. All we heard until they got there was "LeeLee"!!!
We decided to put two carseats in the third row of our car so that we could all ride in the same car. I dont think we have all ridden in the same car together in over 2 years!
Parker and Sydney LOVED sitting by each other in the car. They kept holding hands!!

We got there and bundled up!

I just thought this picture was so funny!! Parker's glove came off and he was yelling "momma" for me to put it back on!

Our family

The Johnsons and Evans

They love each other!! Everytime their strollers got near each others they would hold hands!!
We had such a fun night! It wasnt too cold and all of the lights were so beautiful. Parker and Sydney kept saying "oooo lights" and "ooooo christmas tree!!"
I love Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have a new little brother!!!

Yes, you read that correctly!!! I have a new baby brother!!!

My parents have been trying to adopt a baby for about five years. They first tried to adopt from China, but it never worked out. So, they started trying in the US too. They have had 3 or 4 adoptions fall threw at the last minute. The mom would change her mind or something else would happen to stop the adoption. We would all get our hopes up and then find out that they didnt get the baby. We all knew that they were still trying but they decided not to tell us this time that they had a baby in the belly waiting to be born.

Yesterday morning I got a call from my dad telling me that he was in Dallas on his way to California to pick up their baby!! I was totally shocked and so excited! My parents will be home this afternoon with my brother!! It is so weird that Parker's uncle is two year younger than him! They are going to be best friends! And now Mallory and Sydney wont have to fight over marrying Parker!!

Tyler Westley Lamb

Our family is so blessed! What a perfect Christmas present!

Monday, December 14, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

We have had a very busy weekend! On Friday night we went out to eat with our friends, Danny and Brittani. It was so great to see them and Parker loves them!!
On Saturday, I did some Christmas shopping, got Parker's hair cut and helped my Mom get ready for a Christmas caroling party she was having on Sunday night. Satruday night we were double booked. It was the night of Sydney's 2nd birthday party and we had the Miracle Ball. Sydney's party started at 5:30. So, we went to the birthday party for as long as we could and then my sisters came to play with Parker until the party was over. When we go there, Sydney and Parker ran to each other and hugged. They are so cute together!!!! Sydney's party was at Wonderplace. Parker LOVES that place!!

Here are Sydney and Parker on the slide together.

Ladies first!

I didnt let him play in the water for very long. He soaked anyone that was nearby.

Playing in the "grocery store"

Parker looks kinda evil in this picture, but I had to capture how much he loved the ladybug antennas!!

This was the best picture I could get of me and Sydney!! There was too much going on!

At 6:15, I put my dress on in the bathroom at Wonderplace. Luckily, they had a nursing room with a chair and lots of room. Kelsey and Amy stayed with Parker and Dennis and I left for the Miracle Ball. It is a huge fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital. Yall know how much I love that place!! We raised $390,000 that night!! That is over $100,000 more than last year. My parents will be chairing this event next, they will have big expectations to meet!!

Mom and me

me and my dad
We had such a fun night! Diane and BJ went with us. They had a babysitter, I am so glad they got to get out for a few hours!

We had one little hicup that night.....After Amy and Kelsey got to our house with Parker he threw up all over the kitchen floor. Kelsey calls me and was frantic and didnt know what to do. Parker never throws up but of course when my sisters are babsitting, he does something like that!! He was fine after that and went straight to bed. I think he was worn out from the party and had too much water (too much water is not good for his belly!!) He was sound asleep when we got home and didnt wake up until 10:45 the next morning!

On Sunday, I went to my sister's choir concert while Dennis stayed at home during Parker's nap.

On Sunday night, we attended a caroling party at my parent's house. Parker got to come because there were no babysitters left (we have done so much, that we used them all up)!! Amy helped me watch him at the party.

Here is Parker in his cute little outfit and his cowboy boots.

There were about 40 people there. When everyone was there we all went out and sang Christmas carols to the neighbors.

Here is most of our group. Amy stayed back at the house with Parker.

When we got back we sang to Parker. He did not know what to think, but he loved it! When the song was over he clapped and said "yeah" in a very loud voice!

This is what Parker did most of the party (watched Barney). When he wasnt doing this, he was being the center of attention!! He loved all of the attention from all of the adults.
The sisters

I am so sorry about all the pictures!!! but we did so much this weekend. This time of year is so busy, but I love it!