Friday, March 25, 2011

I don't want to be too optimistic, but....

I think we will be going home tomorrow!! Woo hoo! I am definitely not going to get my hopes up too much because they still have to look at his lab work and he will have a chest x-ray tomorrow too.

Today I got many lectures on Parkers new diet that he will need to be on. It needs to be heart healthy (low fat, low salt), high in protein (his albumin is low, and low protein is side effect of this surgery), can't eat certain foods because he is on coumadin, and he still needs to gain the appropriate amount of weight. Whew! I have a lot of food lists to go through and some menu planning to do. This will be good for Dennis and I too, we always need to eat better. It will just take changing our routine and then hopefully we will get used to it.

Today Parker and I just played and were silly. We went on some walks, rode in the wagon, and Parker took a four hour nap this afternoon. He was feeling so good today. I can't wait for him to not be connected to the stupid IV pole (the IV pole and I do not have a good relationship!). I want to take him to the big playroom but I am afraid it would make just make him mad that he couldn't just run. So, we find other fun things to do that can accommodate a huge pole and heart monitor :)

So, hopefully I will be blogging tomorrow from my comfy couch or my queen sized bed! I think the chair bed I have been sleeping on is about 2 feet wide and my butt is not much smaller than that!

Our prescriptions have already been called in, we have all our appointments set for next week. They will consist of a lot of blood draws to get his INR level where they want it. The first blood draw is first thing Monday morning. We will also be watching his protein levels over the next few weeks to make sure he doesn't develop Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE), it is a risk after this surgery and since his protein is low, we will be watching it. It is definitely too soon to know anything though.

Overall Parker is doing amazing! He is only requiring Tylenol a few times a day and the occasional oxycodone. We aren't allowed to lift him under his arms and it is so hard! It is just what you are used to. I am getting good at it, though, thanks to the million times he has to pee pee and he is too short to get on the big potty by himself. Last time he had heart surgery he was a little baby so it was easy.

I am just so thankful for how well Parker has done and that he is in good spirits for the most part. He is going to be so excited to get home and back to his normal OCD routine (that is a whole other post!!).


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