Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Happy

Here it is.....

I wasnt going to post a final picture until the landscaping and mulching was finished but I just could help myself!! I am just so proud of my husband for building this awesome swing set for Parker (and me!!). Last night we had our first playdate. Sarah and Sydney came over to play. I cant really express how much they have grown up and how many emotions it brought out in me!!! They did not need one bit of help from us playing....they can swing all by themselves (I think this was the task that surprised me the most!!), they can climb, slide and see-saw all by themselves!! here are a few pictures of them playing.....

Sydney was pushing Parker on the swing.

Dinner break

I am seriously so excited for this summer. Parker will be on summer break and we will be able to do lots of fun things this summer and hopefully go on lots of playdates!!
Speaking of playdates....last weekend we went to one at Laurens house with Diane and Mallory. I didnt take many pictures. That day it was pouring down rain when we left the house so Parker insisted on wearing his "rain gear".

and here is a picture of Mallory and Parker have a snack together.

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 4...

Well, the play set is pretty much finished!! I cant believe that Dennis finished it this fast. There wasnt even any yelling, cussing or throwing of any objects!!! He doesnt want me to post a picture of the finished product until the mulch and some landscaping is finished. Parker did get to play on it a little Sunday afternoon. He LOVES it!! I am so excited for the summer.

I also wanted to show yall this picture I took this weekend of Tyler (my brother) and Parker (my son).

Tyler is 4 months old and Parker is 2 1/2 years old!!! He is HUGE!! I just thougt this picture was hilarious! I have a feeling Tyler is gonna be the one bossing Parker around!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 3.....

BJ (Diane's husband) came over yesterday afternoon/evening to help Dennis start the play set construction. I think they got alot done!! I am so excited!

from a different angle....
This is pretty much what it looked like when he finished last night. Dennis is outside working on it right now in the rain!! He is determined. We are suppose to have a huge thunderstorm and maybe some tornadoes tonight and tomorrow, so he wants to get as much done today as he can. I will keep yall posted on the progress!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 2....

Day 2.....

Everything is organized and labeled!

I feel like this project has shown up at the worst time!! We both have so much going on. Poor Dennis, he just CANT let a project sit.
The next two weeks are FULL! I have three final exams and two papers, Dennis is going out of town.....twice. And many many more things!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The project begins!!!

Well, I am sure this will be one of many updates on Dennis' new project. We have been researching about and planning for a swingset for Parker for a while now. We ordered it about 2 weeks ago and we were told it would take 5 to 6 weeks to come in. Well, it is about a month early!! I think Dennis is a little overwheled to say the least. It was delivered by an 18 wheeler and weighs 1300 lbs!! We had the delivery man put it on Dennis' trailor so he could take it where he wanted it. I have a feeling Dennis is going to be a busy man for the next week or so.....AND probably wont be in the best mood!

I will keep you posted on the progress! I opened the instructions and it is a 120 page book!!!
Also...I wanted to share these sweet pictures of Mallory. Diane and I had a little photo shoot with her in their front yard.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heart Walk 2010

This was the third year for "Team Parker" to walk in the Central Arkansas Heart Walk to raise money for the American Heart Association and to raise awareness about Congenital Heart Defects. This year we had about 40 people show up to walk on our team and about 80 people donated in honor of Parker. Here is a picture of only part of the team. (the walk started about 20 minutes early and we were kinda late! ).

Of course, Parker and Sydney holding hands....

me and Sarah

and, Parker and Syndey hugging....

when we got home, Parker wanted me to take his picture.
And, here he is in his "survivor" hat.

I just want to thank everyone who participated in the heart walk. We are so amazed at how many people love and support Parker!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cardiology update

This morning we had Parker's long awaited cardiology appointment. it went really good. He was such a big boy. He got to use the big boy scale for his height and weight (34 inches and 23.2 lbs). Obviously he is still way too small for his age but he is on a growth curve (way under the normal one, but at least he is on a curve and not stagnant with his growth). The echo was not fun, but it never is. Parker whined and cried through the entire thing, but he was good the rest of the appointment. He told every thank you anytime they did anything! The echo showed that his heart function is the same as last time (so-so) and his mitral valve is still leaky, it also showed a new valve to be a leaking, but they arent too worried about it. They said that they can fix the valves in the next surgery. Everything else looked good. We just need to watch him this summer since this is his first summer to actually play in the hot humid weather. No limitations, just need to keep the kid hydrated. We also get to wean him off of the lasix!!!...potty training here we come!!!
Here is a picture of Dr. Seib and Parker, being such a big boy!

Whenever Parker comes in all the medical students and residents come into his room to listen to him. Parker has a funky sounding heart and everyone wants a turn to hear it. Parker was so good, he didnt even care.

So, overall a good report and we dont go back for 6 months. Surgery will still be a few years down the road. Thanks for all the prayers!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend wrap up

This weekend was so fun! It has been beautiful weather and we have been spending alot of time outside.

Parker's new favorite snack is fruit snacks!

Dennis was getting ready to go turkey hunting this weekend and he put out his turkery decoys in the back yard. Parker was terrified of them!! Everytime had to walk past them he would turn his back and walk side ways by them.

but he loved playing in daddy's blind...

On Friday afternoon, Diane and I took Brie dinner and saw Mackenzie. She is just so tiny!

Mallory came too. I just love her!! =)

On Saturday morning Parker and I went to Noah's 2nd birthday party. It was at the church and there was a bounce house and tons of riding toys in the gym.

All the kids jumping on each other.

We spend most of Saturday outside playing.

Parker was trying to sit like me =)

On Sunday we did a lot of yard work and then went to my parents for dinner. I put Parker in the exersaucer thing and he loved it!! I might get ours back out =)

We had a great weekend and look forward to the pretty weather all this week. We have to soak it all up while it is cool enough to play outside!

Wednseday is Parker's Cardiology appointment. Say a quick prayer. It has been 6 months since we have been and 1 year since he has had an echo. I know he is fine but it is getting closer to having that "surgery" talk with his doctor and I just cant believe it has been 2 years (April 16) since he has had anything done to his heart. I will definitely update after his appointment.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend....a lot of pictures!!

We had a great Easer weekend! It all started on Friday night at our church's Easter egg hunt. They did something a little different this year. We all met at the football field and they dropped 7,000 candy filled eggs out of a helicopter!

The kids loved it!

Parker's friend Noah was there. This was the best picture I could get of them!.

Parker was very interested in the helicopter!!

Noah's mom, Mandy.

The next morning we went to an egg hunt at my friend, Lauren's, church.

Before the hunt there were lots of game.

Yes, me and Parker did the sack races!!

THis is the best picture of Parker and Spencer I could get!!

Sydney came too!!

That afternoon we dyed Easter eggs at my parents house.

Parker just wanted to color on the eggs with the wax crayon the whole time.

That night, I went to a gender reveal party for my friend Lauren. Everyone wore the color shirt that they thought the baby was. I picked pink.

Lauren's sister was the only one that knew and she made this huge cake!! The cake was the color of the gender. We all watched while Lauren and John cut into the cake to find out what they are having!!

It's a boy!!!

The next morning was Easter. Parker had fun getting the eggs the Easter bunny hid for him.

Our family

We had lunch at my granmothers and Parker just wanted to hunt eggs!!

Last night, Dennis family came over to our house and we had a cookout.

We had a fun but BUSY weekend!! I cant wait for Parker to understand the true meaning of Easter!

Im sorry this post is so incredibly long!!