Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun Visits

On Tuesday night we did our Christmas with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney. Sydney and Parker get so excited when they see each other, but uou definitely wouldnt be able to tell from the picture below =) Sydney was not wanting to hug!! (look at her bangles, so precious!)

It was a great night. We built a fire, talked and let the kids play with all the new gifts. Parker got an awesome pickup truck with trailor and 4wheeler! He LOVES it!! Please excuse my messy living room! I am so glad we have such great friends and it so fun that Sydney and Parker are only 2 weeks apart in age!

This week we went to visit some amazing women and give them a Christmas card. Parker's life was changed because of the girls at Easter Seals. We absolutely love Liane and Sara, his speech and physical therapists. We spent two days a week with these girls for over a year and Parker loves them! I was so excited for them to see how amazing Parker is doing and how big he is!

I am sad that I didnt get a picture of Parker and Liane but I did get a picture with Sara.

God placed these amazing women in our lives and I cant imagine Parker learning from anyone else! It is because of them that he can eat, talk and walk! It is so fun to go back and see them, we will definitely make this a tradition (but we might have to go back more than once a year!)