Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One of my favorite family traditions is going to the Christmas tree farm and cutting down a real Christmas tree. We continued the tradition with my little family and it just isn't the holiday season without going to the tree farm.

There is a tractor ride out to the trees that are ready to be cut down that year. It is always so cold on that wagon but it really is the best part of the day =)

We decided to get a smaller tree this year and Parker absolutely LOVED picking out the tree!! he could not decide.

He was such a big helper when it came time to cut the tree down.

He was so proud! He kept yelling "I did it!"

He was such a big helper when it was time to drag the tree to the side of the road for it to be picked up.

Just look at that concentration!

Oh yeah, I was there too!
I was so worried that Parker wasnt going to wear his gloves and hat this year. Last year it was a big struggle and his hands got so cold (he doesnt have the best circulation in his hands), he would get so miserable. Well, ever since he put those gloves and hat on, that is all he wants to wear!! Good thing he looks absolutely precious in that hat!

The tree farm wore him out! I can count on one hand the number of times he has fallen asleep in his car seat! Notice the gloves and hat, but no coat! Such a cutie!
I will show the tree all decorated soon.
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! I am so glad the weather has gotten colder, finally!!