Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 year check up

Today was Parker's 3 year check up at the doctor. I still cant believe he is three. wow! Everything checked out great.

Height: 36" (16%)

Weight: 26 lbs (2%)

This is the first time Parker has made it into the percentiles for height or weight!! He has always been on his own growth curve, way below the normal one. I knew he had grown taller because ALL of the pants I had bought him for fall were too short a month after I bought them. Finding pants for this child has been the death of me =) Skinny waist and long legs, he mostly lives in warm-up pants.

His ear was hurting him yesterday, so today when we went in she looked at it and his tube has come out. It is pretty infected. Hopefully the antibiotics will clear it up and he doesnt get another infection. I dont want to have to replace that tube.

We usually live in that office during the winter because Parker would get a Synagis shot every 27-29 days (RSV vaccine) and last winter we were doing weekly pulse ox checks. It is so crazy that we might not have to go back until after his heart surgery!
I havent really posted anything about Parker's last cardiology update. We went in October, everything looked fine, but Dr Seib wants him to have his next heart surgery in March. It's not a bad thing, we knew it was going to be soon, but it is hard to wrap my head around it. We will have an appointment in early February and will schedule his heart cath for early March and then his surgery for later in March. I want to get this behind us but at the same time, I dont want to have to go through it!
I justed wanted to do a little medical update. Parker is doing great and is really catching up physically. Also, this week I have stopped Pediasure. He is eating so much better and Pediasure is so sugary (his dentist did NOT like that he was drinking so much Pediasure!). I will watch his weight and hopefully he can stay off of it!!


Lauren said...

I'm sorry I never asked if or when his cardiologist appointment was. I knew it was coming up (a while ago). Ok, so March it is. I'll start praying now for Parker, the doctors, and most of all you.
Being a mommy is hard.