Sunday, December 5, 2010

Party Animals

This has nothing to do with my post but I had to share....

My mom was on the cover of the December issue of a local magazine, Soiree! You can see the digital version of the magazine and read the article HERE. My parents are chairing the largest fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital called the Miracle Ball. It is this this week we will all be busy decorating and getting the ballroom ready for this amazing winter wonderland themed event.

Now on to the parties! Saturday was a cram-packed full day of parties. There were a few that we could not make it to (SORRY SPENCER, I have your gift).
The first party was at my house at noon. It was my brother, Tyler's, first birthday party. It was a beautiful day outside so we were able to have the party inside and outside.

There were bubbles and of course the bounce house.

Sweet Mallory was there, running around everywhere. She is so big!
And here is the birthday boy tearing up his cake!

At 1:00 our neighbor was having a birthday party. So, Dennis, Parker and I left Tyler's party and made a quick appearance at Eli's party. Tyler's party was over at 2, I put Parker down for a short nap after his meltdown at 1:55. We cleaned while Parker was sleeping and then woke him at 3:00 to make it (late) to our next birhtday party. At 3:00 was Sydney's 3rd birthday party.

It was a wow! wow! Wubbzy theme. Isnt this cake so cute?!
Here is a picture of all the kids at the party except for Parker. He was too busy playing with a Barbie minivan =) Dennis was so proud!

After the party, we dropped Parker at a babysitter and then we went to an adult Christmas party. It was a fundraiser for Arkansas Baptist and it was at the Goodwin Estate (a really big house on the top of a mountain that looks just like a castle). The home was beautiful and the food was amazing!

It was a crazy busy day, but it looks like that is how our December weekends are going to be....Crazy and busy, but sooo much fun!!


Lauren said...

"Dear Kali and Parker,
I missed you at my party, but I TOTALLY understand! Come play soon!

Wasn't the weather perfect? I was just excited both the birthday boys got to have fun outside on their birthdays! Sydney's party looks like it was so cute! And you look gorgeous all dressed up for the fundraiser! Dennis looks good too, of course. =)