Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pleasant Valley Christmas

This has become such a fun tradition at our church. Every year the weekend before Christmas our church has a Pleasant Valley Christmas that includes ice skating, hot chocolate, horse drawn carriage and the biggest Christmas snow village you have ever seen.

This year I had to get Parker out on the ice but there is no way Dennis was getting out there! He is the biggest chicken about ice skating and always has been!

Parker kinda liked it.
He just kinda moved his feet back and forth while he was dangling from my hands.

What is a great post without a cute picture of Mallory?

Parker stood in front of the snow village for a good 30 minutes just looking at everything and watching the many trains in the village.

I could get him away from it!

this is less than half of it! It has a Home Depot, Mcdonalds, air port, working ski lifts, train station and much more. It takes him 21 days to put it together! Amazing!

We didnt end up riding the carrige becuase the line was pretty long and it was really cold! Parker didnt mind too much, he just loved seeing the horses!
The next day started the festivities for my brother's wedding! Post to come...


Lauren said...

I didn't even know about this! I LOVE to ice skate and NO ONE will skate with me! Man... Next year--I'm there! Remind me (please). =)

Hope the wedding festivities go seamlessly!