Saturday, December 11, 2010

Playdate and Santa!

Yesterday we were invited to a playgroup with a few of my friends and their kids. I have been so busy with school and work that we havent been able to go to any. So, I was so excited that we could go to the Christmas bash. It was at the libary's community room. I didnt know that libraries had "party" rooms, it really worked out perfect. The kids sang songs, read stories, did a few crafts and ate lots of snacks.

After play group we stopped by the kids section in the library. I am a bad mom and havent really taken Parker to the library very much....he loved it! We will for sure be going back =)
This morning, we went to the country club to watch Santa fly in on a helicopter. Nothing could prepare me for the excitement Parker was about to show!!!

When he heard the helicopter he could not contain the excitement! He started yelling and screaming like a little girl =)

There is Santa! He kept waiving and yelling "hi Santa!"

Parker was definitely more excited about the "delidoctor" (thats how he says helicopter) than he was about Santa!

I dressed Parker in his cute little Christmas sweater because I thought we would be taking pictures with Santa, but this mommy did not feel like waiting in a very long line, that looked like it would take well over a hour.
This picture will do =)