Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miracle Ball 2010

This weekend was the annual Miracle Ball. It is the largest fundraiser that the auxiliary does for Arkansas Children's Hospital. My parents were the co-chairs for this years ball.

Dennis and I spent the last week (and year) helping organize and decorate for this event. Dennis painted all of the huge trees that were throughout the room. The theme was winter wonderland.

My parents have spent the last year or more planning for this night. It was perfect =)

My mom looked beautiful!

A few of our friends were able to come celebrate the night with us. The event is black tie and I think we all enjoyed dressing up and going out together with no kids!

My amazing parents. They included Parker in the evening with a little video of his journey at Children's. It was pretty emotional for everyone in Parker's life to relive those memories. I think it made an impact on everyone in the room. Thanks for bringing me tissues, Diane!

My parents spoke. My mom was so nervous! She ended up getting a little emotional in her speech. My dad did a great job stepping in when she got teary =)

Dennis got to help during the live auction by being a spotter. He had a corner of the room and he would wave his flag when someone wanted to bid. He did a great job and had a hand in convincing a man to increase the bid on one of the items to $12,000!!

We had an amazing evening and the event made more money than ever before. This year we raised over $520,000 for Arkansas Childrens Hospital!

This morning we attended a "thank you" brunch for all of the helpers and sponsors for the event.
My brother has been shooting a music video and Steven Baldwin is the director. He came to town for the weekend to attend the ball and help support my parents.

He is a very interesting man! He is so nice and such an amazing Christian. He has big plans to use his "celebrity" to help the youth of our nation. I cant wait to see what an impact he makes.
Yay! this week I am starting to feel like it is winter and Christmas! I think the high for the next two days is in the low 30's! Good thing Parker is obsessed with his hat =)


The Wilson's said...

Congrats to your family on such a wonderful job at raising money for ACH. I can only imagine the pride you must have felt when they talked about Parker - he is such an incredible little boy! Your dress was amazing and your mother looked beautiful too!