Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cory and Katherine's wedding

This past weekend my brother, Cory, got married to Katherine. All of the festivities were in Searcy because that is where she is from.
On Saturday afternoon was the bridesmaids luncheon. Here is all my sisters and our new SIL.

This picture summarizes Parker's behavior at the rehearsal on Saturday night. He was a wild man and it made me extremely nervous about him being the ring bearer. When he would take the pillow up to Cory he would throw it in his face! We had a long talk that night about not throwing the pillow!

Me and the couple at the rehearsal dinner.

Sunday was wedding day and Parker looked extra snazzy in his little tiny tux!

Sisters and mom


Cory and Parker had matching converse shoes with their tux.
Parker had the same tie as all of the groomsman so we had to improvise!

I was tucked literally down an entire pants leg!

The brothers and sisters (minus Tyler)

This was Parker practicing before the wedding. You can barely tell, but he has a person from his Little People school bus on the pillow. We told him to not let the toy fall off the pillow and he didnt throw it!! We decided to use coins during the ceremony because his Little People toy didnt really match the decor =)

We had lots of fun killing time until the wedding started!! (Yes, Im being a little sarcastic, only because I was trying to control a 3 year old in 3 inch heels and a tight dress, while trying to keep him decent looking...Im pretty much a miracle worker!!)

Parker kept seeing all the girls fixing their makeup, so he had to! Sorry Daddy!!

The happy couple

Me and my cutie!
Wow! This weekend was a whirlwind to say the least! Parker did amazing at the actual wedding. He walked down the isle with coins on the pillow (he was very careful and didnt drop them). He handed Cory the pillow after he got his coins back, of course! and then headed to mom. He colored for a few minutes until someone quietly took him out (that was our plan, because I couldnt stand at the front of the church watching my child be bad and not have any control over the situation!) It all went smoothly and now my brother is married..CRAZY!