Friday, December 24, 2010

An Early Christmas Present

My husband just could not stand it! He surprised us with a new puppy for Christmas (he didnt have anywhere for him to go to hide from us, so we got him a few days early). Dennis loves to duck hunt, but when he found out that our son wasnt going to be able to play competitive sports (due to his heart condition) he immediately became a little obsessed with hunting. He knew that it would be something that he and Parker could do together.

His name is Oliver (Im gonna call him Ollie because it's cute!). Oliver is a flat coated retriever (pretty much a black golden retriever). They are really great duck hunting dogs. Dennis has always wanted a bigger dog so he just got one that could hunt also, He is sweet!

Parker has always been pretty scared of big dogs (or any dog that isnt our tiny Shih tzu). but he has really warmed up to the new puppy.

Oliver really likes to cuddle right now, so thats fun =)

We will definitely have to make a few "chores" for Parker when it comes to the new puppy. He is for sure old enough to start having some responsibilities (dont worry, Im not gonna be crazy mom...yet).
Merry Christmas to everyone!! I cant wait to show yall our Christmas card tomorrow!