Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was so much fun!! Parker is at the best age right now! (I think I say that at every age, but it just keeps getting better and better!!) He loved all of the festivities.
On Christmas Eve we ate dinner and opened presents at my Grandmother's house.

We have a tradition of taking pictures of all the families and of just the grandkids and my grandmother makes it into a calender for the next year. She gives them to us on Christmas Eve every year. So, this year we got the 2011 calender filled with family pictures. She has done this since I can remember.

Parker found a plastic slinky that use to be the dogs toy and he played with it all night! He would make it go down the stairs, and then he would count each circle, and then he would do it all again.

After Gran's house we came back to our house with my parents and brothers and sisters. We always open gifts from each other on Christmas Eve while we drink hot chocolate. This year my mom added a little surprise. She always gets us all pajamas and house shoes but this year she took it up a notch....She got us all footy pajamas with our names on them!! Watching the guys put these on was HILARIOUS! I do have pictures but I would probably get killed if I put them on the internet!! I did get a picture of Parker's....

The next morning Parker was SOOOO excited to see what Santa brought! Here he is getting up...

He was pretty excited about all of his goodies. He got a basketball goal, tool bech and some books and puzzles and lots of cars!!

And then he got another surprise, a Lightning McQueen bicycle! He loves it! We will have to work on it but he is gonna love it when the weather gets warmer!
For lunch we went to Dennis' dads side of the family and then for dinner my other grandmother and that side of the family came over to my house. Parker started thinking everywhere he went he was going to get to open presents!

And, the new puppy is still as sweat as ever! He is almost house/crate trained! And Parker is loving him!

I hope that everyone has had an amazing Christmas. I wont every forget this Christmas with my wonderful family. Now it is time to organize this crazy messy house!