Sunday, November 28, 2010

A fun week

This last week Parker was out of school all week and we did some fun things and it was so nice to just hang out with Parker and not worry about school! Cant wait for Christmas break! On Wednesday we had family pictures with the entire family. Parker looked so cute so we decided to run by the mall and get pictures with Santa.

There was not one single person in line!!

Parker was such a big boy this year. He wanted me to stay in line and he walked up to Santa and sat in his lap and told him he wanted a truck for Christmas!

This is just a sweet picture from last week. We did so many fun things, and he took long naps everyday. He would sleep till 5:30 and I would have to go wake him up for dinner. I just think he is so precious when he is sleeping (arent all kids, though?)

On Saturday, Daddy talked us into going to the world championship duck calling contest in Stuttgart (arent you jealous?). It was much more than just duck calling. We just listened to that in the background while we walked around the festival. It was so much fun! There were rides and yummy "fair" food! Parker was a little scared of the duck but after passing by him a few times he warmed up to him. It was a beautiful day...I am so glad we went =)

He also got to open some of his Christmas pajamas!
This is such a fun time of year! I cant wait to do all the fun Christmas things with Parker. He is such a little boy now and is going to have a blast this Christmas season!