Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa Baby

We had our family pictures taken last week (I cant wait to show yall!) and after we had to return something at the mall. (we all had on our matching clothes and we got some pretty interesting looks. One guy even asked us if we always match our clothes!!) We dont really go to the mall that much, especially this time of year!! As we were walking, we passed where Santa was and there was not one single person in line!! We took advantage and went ahead and got Parker's picture made with Santa. Parker was loving Santa while he was sitting in his stroller, but when we got close to him he grabbed onto me and would not let go!! So, mommy got to be in the pictures too!! I am not good at scanning anything into the computer so I took the easy way out and took a picture of the pictures!

The picture on the right is right when we sat down, parker was still figuring it all out and then....the picture on the left! He just did not like being close to Santa this year!!
Remember last year....

Oh well, I think screaming Santa pictures are really cute and funny!!
Santa gave Parker an elf hat!
The rest of the night Parker was yelling in the mall "I love you, ho ho ho" and when he says Santa, it comes out "DeDa". I love the way he says certain words (Amy is "Amu", Cory is Cor I", Milk is "me", Banana is "anana", Bentley (our dog) is "beebee" and I know there are so many more!!)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Diane Lafferty said...

I love that Santa is says "Shhhh!" Parker was probably yelling "Momma! Momma!"