Friday, December 18, 2009

He is Home and Garvan Gardens

My new little brother is home!! He is just so cute and tiny! It is hard to believe that Parker was 1 1/2 pounds smaller than him!!

My dad and Tyler

This was the first time Parker saw Tyler. He was pointing and saying "hi baby".

Parker would play and ignore the baby and then would come over and just stare at him. So cute!!

Last night we went to Garvan Gardens with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney. We met at a restaraunt to eat before we went to the gardens. We got there first and while we were waiting Parker would not stop calling for Sydney. All we heard until they got there was "LeeLee"!!!
We decided to put two carseats in the third row of our car so that we could all ride in the same car. I dont think we have all ridden in the same car together in over 2 years!
Parker and Sydney LOVED sitting by each other in the car. They kept holding hands!!

We got there and bundled up!

I just thought this picture was so funny!! Parker's glove came off and he was yelling "momma" for me to put it back on!

Our family

The Johnsons and Evans

They love each other!! Everytime their strollers got near each others they would hold hands!!
We had such a fun night! It wasnt too cold and all of the lights were so beautiful. Parker and Sydney kept saying "oooo lights" and "ooooo christmas tree!!"
I love Christmas!!