Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friends and pajamas

Dennis and I are having some of our kitchen redone. We have been saving up to do this project since the day we moved into our house. I could not be more excited about it!! We had tile countertops in our kitchen and all of the crumbs would get stuck in the grout and anything that was spilled would stain the grout!! I just needed it gone!! So, Monday the new countertops and new backsplash project started!!! The new countertops (granite!!) were put in on Monday and the old backsplash was torn out. They will spend the rest of the week doing the backsplash and probably a little into next week since it is Christmas. On Monday night, Stephen, Sarah and Sydney came over. Stephen helped Dennis move a few outlets (we had to have it done before the next day when they started on the backsplash). Parker and Sydney exchanged Christmas presents!

Here they are in action.


Playing with the drum that Sydney gave Parker. This was the 2 seconds that they were sharing! The rest of the time they were fighting over those drum sticks.

Holding hands while they ate dinner!! These two are killing me!!!
The next day at school was pajama day!!

I found these flanal pj's with Lightning Mcqueen and Towmater wearing santa hats.
I wanted to take a picture when we got to school so I bent down on the ground (to Parker's level) to get a good straight on shot of him. I told him to smile so I could take a picture. Well, he bent down exactly like I was and said cheese....
He is just getting so big!!
I hope everyone has a great week!!
When the kitchen is finished I will do an entire post with day by day progress.


the osbornes said...

Oh I am soooo jealous!! We have tile countertops and I HATE them! Enjoy your new ones, I bet they look great!

Parker is way too cute bending down like that. Love it! Merry Christmas!!