Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with Dennis' family

Yesterday we drove to Morrillton to celebrate Christmas with Dennis' side of the family. It was a great afternoon with family, food and fun! We played Christmas Bingo and won cute ornaments. Actually, I never won!! I think I was the only person that didnt get a bingo!! Oh well, it was still so much fun! Parker was great all afternoon. He ate lunch and played and then took about a 2 hour nap. After his nap, we opened presents.

Parker got his very own "hello" (that is what he calls a phone).
And of course, he played with the big box!!!
I dont know how I didnt take pictuers of anyone but Parker. But, that is usually how it is....all about Parker!!
I just love the sweater that Parker wore. It looks like an old man sweater!! He is getting so big!
We also went to a Christmas party on Saturday night but I left my camera. I will post about that later today or tomorrow when I get my camera back.
I hope everyone has a great week with family and friends!