Thursday, December 24, 2009

The presents have started!

Yesterday, I took Parker to the office with me for a little bit. His favorite person at the office, Mike, had a Christmas present for him!! Parker was so funny opening the gift. He has to put every piece of torn wrapping paper in a neat pile. (He definitely gets that from his daddy!!) It took him forever to open the present because he was so worried about where the paper was going!! It's gonna be a fun Christmas!!

Mike gave him a Melissa and Doug hammer toy. I love Melissa and Doug toys and so does Parker.
Mike said he wanted to get him something loud!! Well, he succeeded! I dont care because Parker loves this toy.

Yesterday when I took him to daycare (a little late) Santa was in his room taking pictures with all of the kids. Parker opened his arms and ran straight to Santa and hugged him!! I could not believe it! He stood beside Santa and said "bye Momma"!!

Parker also made me this dish towel with his hand prints on it! They are so cute and tiny!
Last night, Danny and Brittani stopped by to give Parker his Chrismas present. Again, he put all of the paper in a pile while he was unwrapping the present!

Brittani, Parker and Danny (also, in the background, a little preview of the semi-finished kitchen!!!)
Today, Parker came to work with me this morning for a few hours and we are spending the rest of the day at home. It is so nasty and rainy outside....a great day to stay inside and play. We are having such a fun day at home!!

Tonight we will go to the Christmas Eve service at our church and then off to my grandmother's house!! I cant wait to just hang out with my family and celebrate Jesus!!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas!