Monday, December 14, 2009

busy, busy, busy!

We have had a very busy weekend! On Friday night we went out to eat with our friends, Danny and Brittani. It was so great to see them and Parker loves them!!
On Saturday, I did some Christmas shopping, got Parker's hair cut and helped my Mom get ready for a Christmas caroling party she was having on Sunday night. Satruday night we were double booked. It was the night of Sydney's 2nd birthday party and we had the Miracle Ball. Sydney's party started at 5:30. So, we went to the birthday party for as long as we could and then my sisters came to play with Parker until the party was over. When we go there, Sydney and Parker ran to each other and hugged. They are so cute together!!!! Sydney's party was at Wonderplace. Parker LOVES that place!!

Here are Sydney and Parker on the slide together.

Ladies first!

I didnt let him play in the water for very long. He soaked anyone that was nearby.

Playing in the "grocery store"

Parker looks kinda evil in this picture, but I had to capture how much he loved the ladybug antennas!!

This was the best picture I could get of me and Sydney!! There was too much going on!

At 6:15, I put my dress on in the bathroom at Wonderplace. Luckily, they had a nursing room with a chair and lots of room. Kelsey and Amy stayed with Parker and Dennis and I left for the Miracle Ball. It is a huge fundraiser for Arkansas Children's Hospital. Yall know how much I love that place!! We raised $390,000 that night!! That is over $100,000 more than last year. My parents will be chairing this event next, they will have big expectations to meet!!

Mom and me

me and my dad
We had such a fun night! Diane and BJ went with us. They had a babysitter, I am so glad they got to get out for a few hours!

We had one little hicup that night.....After Amy and Kelsey got to our house with Parker he threw up all over the kitchen floor. Kelsey calls me and was frantic and didnt know what to do. Parker never throws up but of course when my sisters are babsitting, he does something like that!! He was fine after that and went straight to bed. I think he was worn out from the party and had too much water (too much water is not good for his belly!!) He was sound asleep when we got home and didnt wake up until 10:45 the next morning!

On Sunday, I went to my sister's choir concert while Dennis stayed at home during Parker's nap.

On Sunday night, we attended a caroling party at my parent's house. Parker got to come because there were no babysitters left (we have done so much, that we used them all up)!! Amy helped me watch him at the party.

Here is Parker in his cute little outfit and his cowboy boots.

There were about 40 people there. When everyone was there we all went out and sang Christmas carols to the neighbors.

Here is most of our group. Amy stayed back at the house with Parker.

When we got back we sang to Parker. He did not know what to think, but he loved it! When the song was over he clapped and said "yeah" in a very loud voice!

This is what Parker did most of the party (watched Barney). When he wasnt doing this, he was being the center of attention!! He loved all of the attention from all of the adults.
The sisters

I am so sorry about all the pictures!!! but we did so much this weekend. This time of year is so busy, but I love it!


Diane Lafferty said...

I love Parker's loud voice! He has no volume control. I loved last night when he yelled "Bye Di!" Don't forget that this weekend you also went to Cracker Barrel at some point and got me a sock monkey cookie jar. I made cookies last night but ate them all. Oops. I looked as the cookie jar before bed and thought "well, crap!" Guess I will have to make more tonight. Oh, darn. Love ya!