Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have a new little brother!!!

Yes, you read that correctly!!! I have a new baby brother!!!

My parents have been trying to adopt a baby for about five years. They first tried to adopt from China, but it never worked out. So, they started trying in the US too. They have had 3 or 4 adoptions fall threw at the last minute. The mom would change her mind or something else would happen to stop the adoption. We would all get our hopes up and then find out that they didnt get the baby. We all knew that they were still trying but they decided not to tell us this time that they had a baby in the belly waiting to be born.

Yesterday morning I got a call from my dad telling me that he was in Dallas on his way to California to pick up their baby!! I was totally shocked and so excited! My parents will be home this afternoon with my brother!! It is so weird that Parker's uncle is two year younger than him! They are going to be best friends! And now Mallory and Sydney wont have to fight over marrying Parker!!

Tyler Westley Lamb

Our family is so blessed! What a perfect Christmas present!


The Wilson's said...

congrats to your family! how very sweet! you have amazing parents!

Diane Lafferty said...

Mallory and Sydney thank your parents. I'm sure the impending cat fight over Parker has been quelched. I can't wait to meet Tyler!

The Simmons Family said...

Congratulations!!! He is so very sweet!

the osbornes said...

Oh WOW! That is exciting! Congrats to your family