Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Parade

I absolutely love this time of year!!!
Last night we went to a Christmas parade in downtown Benton with Stephen, Sarah and Sydney. (Thanks for inviting us!!) I, of course, forgot my camera and am stealing all of these pictures from Sarah!!
It was a little chilly last night and Parker didnt have any gloves or a hat (mostly because he WILL NOT wear them) but I felt like such a bad mom!! We had to leave early because his hands were so cold!!
Here is the courthouse.

Some man took a group picture of us but he got some crazy light in the background!!
After the parade we went and looked at all of the lights around the courthouse. You cant really tell, but Parker has his head on Sydney's shoulder while they are looking at the lights. He loves her so much and calls her "Lee-Lee"
Thanks, Sarah, for inviting us. This was such a fun way to start off the Christmas season!!