Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas filled weekend!

This weekend was pretty busy but so much fun! Have I told yall that I love this time of year?!!
On Saturday I went over to my parent's house and we baked our anual Christmas cookies. We do this every single year. It is me, my sisters, my mom and a couple of my mom's friends. We have always done this together with the same group of girls! We baked while Parker took a nap and while the boys watched the Florida/Alabama game. We usually make about 6 or 7 different types of cookies and make alot of them!! This year I found a cookie that I wanted to add to our list. It turned out to be SOOO good. It is a chocolate cookie with a rolo (a chocolate candy with caramel inside) baked inside. I will definitely share some cookie recipes this week.

Here is Parker hanging out with daddy on Saturday.
On Sunday, after church, we went to get out Christmas tree. We always get a real tree!! Since I was born we have gone to Schickles Christmas tree farm in Cabot to cut down our tree. It is always so fun witht he wagon ride out to the trees and they have SOO many trees to choose from. Well, this year we heard about a farm that was about 5 minutes from our house. So, we changed our tradition and went to this closer tree farm. HUGE mistake!!! We get there and there are about 20-30 trees to choose from and...they were already cut down!!! We made the most of it and still had a fun family outing!

This is Parker in the car on the way to the tree farm. It was in the 30's yesterday so we bundled him up!!!

He loves his new carrhart coat that his PaPa got him!!

Parker and Daddy with our tree. Please excuse Dennis' ridiculous hat!!!
Standing around the fire.

There was a santa there and Parker did much better this time. The closest he would get was gving him knuckles!

We put Parker's gloves on him and he couldnt stop looking at them!!
The girls!
Parker had to get in the picture!
When we go home from the tree farm we put Parker down for a nap and got started putting up the tree. I took pictures of it but I have never thought trees photograph well. I couldnt get a good picture of it but here it is....
The ribbon is gold but in the picture it look white for some reason.
Every year we get a family ornament made....
Here is the top of the tree (again, does not photograph well)
The mantle....

We arent going all out on Christmas decorations this year. We just did the mantle, one tree and outside. We usually do a real tree that is decorated in reds and a fake tree that is decorated in golds. This year we combined the decorations for both trees. Not sure if I am loving it but it works!
Sunday night we went to our work Christmas party. Dennis' mom was sweet enough to drive down and take care of Parker for us.

Wow, that was alot of pictures!!
We have alot more planned the next couple of weeks! This week I have finals and I will be finished with my first semester back in school. I did it (with all A's!!!!)
Have a great week!!