Friday, June 5, 2009

Uggliest Crib on the Block

Last week Parker started chewing on his crib! I had heard of kids doing this but I thought we just got lucky because Parker had never even tried it while he was teething (he has like 10 or 12 teeth). Well, last week I went to get Parker from a nap and I found this!!!!

Then the next morning I went in to get him and he had done this beautiful arwork on all of the sides of his crib!!! Well, I started researching and looking around for crib chew guards. The only ones I saw that might work on his crib were the rubber stick on kind. I know my son and I know me....I would be worried all night that he had figured out how to get the sticky one off and it was stuck on his face or something and then he would start chewing more! So, my husband and I thought we would make our own! Dennis said he would handle it. I worked Friday night at the hospital so on Saturday morning while I was sleeping Dennis made his own version of the crib guard....

He used long towel (folded for thickness, those teeth are sharp!!) and tie straps!

I know, I know, I thought the same thing. Why didnt he use a brown towel!!?? I guess he thought that the green would match the walls or something. We only "guarded" the front part because the two sides wont be used when it is converted into a bed. It may look really ugly and funny, but it is working! Dennis used so many tie straps that Parker would never be able to get this guard off!! The funny thing is that Parker hasnt chewed on the sides that arent guarded since we did the towel...whatever works!


The Wilson's - Rick, Megan, and Emilee said...

haha that is so clever... ill have to remember that trick!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad I found your blog today! I think I found it through the Rowe'a blog. Anyway, my 8 month old is doing the same thing and it just started this weekend. We have lowered the crib as low as it will go, but because he is so tall his mouth still reaches! We have a sleigh crib and I'm sure not wanting him to chew it to pieces. I'm showing this to my husband as soon as he gets home from work. Thanks so much! Your little man is such a cutie, even if he is chewing up his crib!:)