Thursday, June 4, 2009

God is so good!!! Praying for sweet Lindsay!

A sweet little girl, Lindsay, has been in the hospital for months waiting on a heart transplant. Lindsay has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (the same CHD as Parker). Well, today is the day!!! Her family just got the news that they have been waiting for!!! They have a heart for Lindsay!!! Lindsay turns one year old on June 11th and her birthday party was suppose to be on Monday at the hospital. Now they will have two huge things to celebrate!!!

Isnt she so stinkin' cute!!!!
Please pray for Lindsay, her family, and the entire hospital staff. I know what it is like to send your child into a life threatening surgery but I have no idea what her parents are going through right now. Knowing that their daughter will come out of that operating room with a perfect, whole heart!! It is tragic that another family has to suffer for Lindsay to live, but that family is so selfless and may God bless them.
Please say a prayer for Lindsay today as she receives her new perfect heart! Go over to her blog and let that precious family know you are lifting them up in prayer. Also say a prayer for the family that lost their child today.