Monday, June 29, 2009

Hawaii update #3

We are still in Hawaii and having such a great time! Parker has been having so much fun at the pool! Here are a few pictures of Parker at the pool.....

Just look at the beautiful ocean in the background. These are just a bunch of infinity pools going all the way down to the beach.

Playing on the waterfall steps!

This is what Parker does every afternoon while all the girls are taking showers. ... Parker and Cory just lay on the couch together and watch sweat!

This afternoon we went and saw all of the old lava from the volcano eruption a long time ago (I dont know when it happened, sorry!) They just built a road right over the lava. It is pretty amazing. You can see the path of the lava down the mountain.

They just layed the power lines right over the lava!

We also stopped at a beautiful beach with lots of lava rocks. Parker loved to watch the waves crash on the rocks.

We still have a few more days of fun in the sun!! I will probably have one more update before we leave! Have a great week!!

We love you Daddy!!!